Logging hamburger - after cooked or raw

How do I log hamburger that weighs less after cooking?  Example:  I used 4oz of 80% hamburger raw.  Cooked it was 2.5oz.  That’s a difference in carbs.  The tracker just offers hamburger 80% but doesn’t specify raw or cooked.   

What to do?

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  • That's a great question for all meats, as so many are pumped up with water to increase the price.  It's one of the weaknesses of the food entries that it isn't clear.  For meats that I can weigh after cooking, I enter the cooked weight.  For meats that can't be weighed after, I reduce the weight by about 20% for entry, since my experience with before and after cooking weight is that most meats lose 20-25% in cooking.  Some of that is fat but it's mostly water.

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  • That's weird. When I put in 80% ground beef there are several options of raw, broiled, baked, patties, pan browned, cooked and rinsed etc. Maybe try rewording it to find what you need?

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