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Hi everyone!

So I started Keto on June 1st and went from 258.8 lbs to 233 lbs as of August 14th. I went to the cottage and decided to not do keto so that I could enjoy myself. I was off of it for 18 days. To be honest, I ate pretty crappy and embraced the carbs I missed lol. I went back to keto on September 1st and did my first weight in coming back. I was expecting weight gain of course, but found I went from 233 lbs to 236.8 lbs I have not had symptoms of keto flu (just one headache and nausea for like a few hours) and as of today after 4 days of being back on keto, I weighed myself and am at 232! Tested ketones today and I am in the high range (I was normally in the high range before too). I thought it would have been harder to get back onto keto after being off so long but I feel great! Is this normal?? The two and a bit weeks off keto were definitely needed and appreciated! Has anyone else had similar reactions? 

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  • I did the same thing the end of July/beginning of August. I went on a three week vacation visiting friends and family. I didn't eat super crappy, but I indulged in some alcohol. When I came back I expected to be up by at least 10 pounds, I felt like I should be. Bu I had only gained back 3 pounds. Went back on keto and lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks. It was like the first time I started when I had all of the water weight fall off real quick. That's why some people are advocating for carb cycling now. I am not really knowledgeable on carb cycling. But I know know how you feel. Just embrace it, be happy, and stick to it!

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    Sbmatthews14 It definitely was a nice surprise! Might look into more about carb cycling just to get more info! 

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