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I have premium and I want to run a report showing what I eat on a daily basis. Is this available?

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  • Yes, it is available.  Go to ‘Reports’ tab, and under ‘Generate Reports’ look down to ‘reporting period’ and select ‘Today’ (or you could report on yesterday by selecting ‘Yesterday’).

    Hope this helps.

  • Can you generate a report that includes entered blood glucose reading?

  • Redcrew71 go to reports tab and select ‘date to include’. From the dropdown menu, select ‘measurements’ (you might need to deselect macro and micronutrients).  From the drop down menu, select what you want: blood glucose, or blood glucose before/after/fasting.  Of course for there to be a report, you’ll need to be tracking and entering the data.

    hope this helps

  • Redcrew71 sorry - typo.  The first part should have said, select ‘data’ to include not ‘date’ to include.

    hope this helps

  • Pat F did that. There is no option to select glucose.  Still only says food listing for a report.  I have entered a full day of readings. It still reports only food info

  • Redcrew71 let me try again as I probably didn’t explain it well.  Forgive me if I put in too much details - trying to get it right.

    Go to the Reports tab.  You should see ‘Generate Reports’ with Format (pdf), Nutrition  Report Type (daily totals), Reporting Period (Last 7 Days), and Data to Include (Macronutrients, Micronutrients)

    Select Data to Include.  You should see a popup menu with Macronutrients  and Micronutrients checked, and Daily Logs, Daily Notes, and Measurements below that are not checked.

    Check Measurements, and if you want, uncheck Macronutrients and Micronutrients.

    Now comes the fun part.  Tap on Format one time.  This should close the drop down box (the one containing Macro/Micronutrients, Daily Logs, etc, but keep you in the Generate Reports page (hope that makes sense).  You should note that 

    Now, look to the right of Measurements to Include and you should see a ‘down carrot’. (Opposite of ^ - I don’t know how to type a down carrot).  Tap the down carrot and you should see a large popup box with weight at the top of the list, followed by BMI, Body Fat, etc.  Weight should be checked.  Clear that check, and scroll way down at the bottom of the list: Blood Glucose; Blood Glucose - Before Meals; Blood Glucose - After Meals; Blood Glucose - Fasting; Ketones; and Glucose Ketone Index.

    Select the one(s) you want and tap somewhere outside the box to close it.

    You should still be at the main Generate Reports page, and Measurements to Include should now have your selections listed below it.  

    Click Generate and that should do it. 

    Hope this helps, and I apologize for perhaps too much detail - didn’t want to miss anything.

  • Pat F thanks found issue. The phone app won’t show the second pull down menu I had to go to the website and it then worked

  • Redcrew71 super!

    Keto on!

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