Very little weight loss

I started my Keto journey on the 1st of January 2020. I did not know how much I weighed, I was scared of checking but after a week into Keto I weighed 102.5 kg and then the next week 99.8 kg later. 

Sad news was that my weight remained like that the next week, I have been so scared after that to check. I feel like I'm not losing weight. but I'm  still doing keto with IF and 4 days of exercise. 

I'm so sad, but I'll keep pushing.

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  • Are you planning on just trying keto for a quick fix  or are you adjusting to this way of eating for what it does for your health ? The fat will come off. The scales do not always reflect this but the fat will come off. It's a proven fact. Hang in there and see your numbers/measurements change for the better.

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  • How do I get to see replies to my questions in here could you write me please I have changed to keto since Jan and lost 7 pounds

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  • Get over your fear of checking. You also don't need to do exercise. The body doesn't lose weight at a consistent rate. It'll slow and then speed up. Get over your fear of checking your weight. Check it once weekly in the morning before eating.

  • I’ve been keto since Jan too. I started out losing weight but it seems to have stopped. I’m still eating keto but depending on the time of day when I test using the urine strips I’m in and out of ketosis and up and down. I also swim at least twice a week for a back injury so I have to keep doing that. I feel like I’m getting smaller but according to the scale I’m actually putting on weight. Trying not to get frustrated. I’ve also had vsg in 2012 so I’m limited as to the quantity of food I can have at one time so it’s hard to get all the calories and macros in. Any advice would be great! I’m thinking of just hiring a keto coach or something 

  • Watch Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube, he has a lot of good info on keto, including explainers. If you are getting smaller but not losing much weight, you could just be gaining muscle, which is heavier than fat. 

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  • Roni1020 stop testing your ketones, the strips aren’t that accurate, plus you really don’t need to. If you’re eating low carb and have reduced hunger and carb cravings you’re in ketosis. Ketones don’t make you lose weight, reducing calories does. Ketones reduces hunger and carb cravings by keeping insulin levels low, but you can actually gain weight on a keto diet if you eat too many calories. Count calories along with eating keto and you’ll lose weight. 

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  • My best advice to you is to weigh, measure and track your food, and track calories along with carbs. Don’t be afraid to weigh yourself, but also take your measurements because it’s common to drop inches before seeing it on the scale. It’s great that you’re exercising! I encourage you to keep that up, it helps not only your body but your mind as well. Good for you! Be patient, it’s not a quick fix. There’s lots of misinformation out there that you can eat as much fat as you like on keto and lose weight, and that keto diets result in fast weight loss. Neither is true! You lose a lot in the first week, but that’s water weight. Fat is calorie dense, so you can actually gain weight if you eat too much. Back to my suggestion, weigh, measure and track your food, eat a calorie deficit (no less than 1200/day) and continue exercising if it’s helping you. I also suggest to only eat whole, unprocessed food (no keto packaged foods) and limit the sugar substitutes.  Good luck!

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  • Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate the support. I fear I may not be eating enough of my calories because of the vsg but I’m def still in ketosis. I should’ve taken before measurements/pics. Y’all are my motivation! 

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