Keto advice for people after weight loss surgery

Hi there. Just wondering if there is a support group or files that offers advice for people who have a smaller stomach through surgery and cannot eat large amounts of food at a time and also nutrition and mineral and vitamin absorption is very different. 

Thanks 😊

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  • Yep, in same boat as you.  RNY Gastric Bypass in 2002.

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  • Curious, when did you have your surgery? And how's it going? I was going to have the surgery but my insurance didn't cover and then I started to think, even with the surgery I would still have to completely change my diet.  So I said "F*** It!" and went Keto and it's been great! Started 6 weeks ago at a scale tipping 400lbs and am down to 354.  I wish I could offer some advice but I would seriously consult your doctor about the diet. If your plumbing is different and smaller, I'm not really sure how that would affect everything.

    Good Luck!!

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  • Kaideleigh I had mine in 2014. Lost 30% of my weight and have maintained. But I wanted to lose my last 30 pounds as it has been hanging on doin low carb. 

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  • Ketogenic Karl great job losing!  I had mine done in 2014. I lost 30% of my weight and have maintained it. I just have my last 30 pounds to lose. It’s hanging on just doing low carb. So thought I would change it up and try Keto for awhile. Goodluck in your weight loss journey!

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  • Sparky1  So I'd lost 120 pounds (270 down to 150) and then started gaining it back around 2012.  Found out that the body figures out the surgery and begins to gain weight at the 10 year mark (researched and talked to others that had the surgery).  Anyway, got back in the habit of yoyo dieting, then went to diet doctor and got pills so lost weight and got to 148...then of course once I stopped the pills the weight came back, so got back up to 190. 

    In January of this year I did a 6 week program called Chirothin.  500 calories a DAY, very limited foods as what could eat, low inflammation veggies, berries and apples basically only fruit allowed and then meat (no pork).  4 ounces of each food twice a day.  Lost 30 pounds, shrunk my pouch (stomach to other people lol, you know what I mean) and feel great. 

    Chirothin is basically very clean eating and hard core keto.  It's also expensive, don't want to pay again to lose so came here with Carb Manager and going to do Clean Keto and just keep that as a lifestyle.

    It is my experience that if we eat the protein first we are fine.  I take a couple supplements to get my vitamins and minerals in.


    Ketogenic Karl You are doing great with that weight loss!  Sorry insurance wouldn't do the surgery, but trust me that's not a bad thing.  It's very hard to get used to not being able to eat the volume of food normal people eat.  It's medical malnutrition and it does make taking medications very "interesting" as we only have a tiny pouch for a stomach and it doesn't digest food it just holds it momentarily and then it goes into intestines.  Keep up your great work with the weightloss via Keto and wow just wow you are an inspiration to me!!

  • Kaideleigh wow! That is quite the journey!  I definitely advocate in finding and sticking to a healthy way of eating. That is what helped me figure my brain and emotions and relationship around food. The mindset is such a key factor in one’s success in this weightloss jouney.  Anyhow, our family had to deal with a traumatic event in 2016 that lead me to a mental health breakdown with no desire to do anything let alone put energy into healthy lifestyle. So I’ve been eating whatever for a good 8 months, which has led me to trying something different to “jolt” my body into something. 😂. I have been doing low carb for 4 years. I am unsure about the macro ratio for us with smaller stomachs and less absorption. Luckily I can meet the fat requirements suggested by the app. I’m just starting so trying to figure what works. In the past on low carb if my weight went up,  I could manipulate my carb intake to lose it again. I got very good at maintaining. But would love to lose this last 30 pounds around my torso and organs.  Macros for me are: 10%-24%-76% to start. My other problem is the calories. I don’t know what is the most important in trying to get into ketosis. Calories or macros? Then is it a really big problem eating more protein because we don’t do well absorbing it?  As well, I need to eat every 2-3 hours because of how little I eat each time and I get low blood sugars.  Maybe a protein drink is ok? Or does that count as eating a snack? Anyhow, lots of questions and I’m just transitioning from low carb to Keto, not doing the strict right now. Hopefully I can have some results. 

  • Sorry, I did find the group:  Bariatric Surgery Keto Journey

    it would be awesome if there was a “WLS Keto” option in the lifestyle choices. This may may suggest more protein than casual or moderate Keto?  Also calorie intake would be different while trying to meet those macros? I am eating larger portions than most but less than the average adult at one sitting. I do get hungry at the 2 hour marker and need protein to keep my blood sugars up. Anyhow, perhaps I should look at diabetic Keto and see if that fits my needs better. 

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  • Kaideleigh how do I friend you?  It looks like we are in the same journey!

  • Sparky1 hey, not sure how to friend someone...trying to figure it out myself!


    Will be nice to have someone else that understands eating issues and having the small pouch and not absorbing all the nutrients.  Once I figure out how to friend I will let you know (will send you a friend request).  Maybe it's the FOLLOW button??  Not sure....

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