Hi, thanks for this community. I have been on Keto on and off for some time. I have been using the app on and off too and I KNOW that I need to track. I restarted two weeks ago and I am happy to say I have lost 4.4 lbs. not bad! I have a hard time getting into ketosis. I am always low 0.5 or 0.6. I am monitired by a naturopathic doctor who has me on 24 net carbs. Some days I’m under that but most at that number. I do intermittent fasting. Have MCT and college peptides in my coffee in the AM and eat around 11:00 AM. My lunch is either a salad with avacado olives and some protien or a homemade Keto soup. Tea for afternoon snack and veggies and protien for dinner. I just made avacado pudding with stevia this week (delish) which I have with dinner. That has seemed to help my hunger. I sometimes have a bhu bar with lunch. Historically it has taken me a lot to lose weight. I have IBS issues that have been challenging on a Keto diet but I have added a high amount of probiotics and magnesium which thank goodness is helping. I don’t have much to lose probably like another 10 lbs. I run 5-7 mornings a week for 30 minutes and have added weights at least 2 x per week. I am wondering how to get more into ketosis? Any ideas? 

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  • Hi...several things you said touched areas that I have had experience with .I also have been off and on keto .I find that I eat too much if I go by net carbs. I always go by whole carbs also I don't exercise anymore except for yoga because it makes me ravenous. And the IBS issues were all caused by dairy and wheat so I eliminate those two things and I have no problem with IBS anymore but that's  me.  Hope some of this helps.

  • Interested in hearing answers to this too!

  • Robert N. Bryant hey, Robert...thoughts?

  • LadyDKT Wow, good stuff. IBS hmmm. Have you tried milk kefir and inulin? The prebiotic inulin and probiotic kefir could heal your gut. It's delicious too.  I would recommend some fasting. Eating OMAD with a 20:4 eating window. Also, resistance training will put you into ketosis faster. Apple cider vinegar will help too.

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