Quick Weight Gain?

Hello all - 

Have been pretty happy up to this point on keto.  In 5 weeks I have lost 19 pounds, so am pretty happy with the results.  

I flew to Denver on Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon.  I was gone for about 36 hours, and found I had gained 7 pounds on the trip.  I pushed my macros a little, eating about 40-50g of carbs a day, but am still in ketosis.  I normally eat under 35g of carbs a day. 

I am wondering what might have caused that kind of weight gain in 36 hours?  While I ate more carbs than normal, i tracked them and it was by no means excessive.  I was wondering if flying causes inflammation on any level, or if the extra 15-20g of carbs I ate might have produced more water weight in my system. 

This is just such a massive weight gain that it shocked me.  As of today I have lost 3 of the 7, and am still in ketosis, but am baffled for how in such a short amount of time i could gain such a large amount of weight.  Curious if anyone else has seen this?  Thanks in advance for any help.  

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  • Let me add, since I don't appear to be able to edit my original post.  I did have some whiskey and Coke Zeros on both Friday and Saturday. 

    I have been reading that drinking can cause inflammation on Keto, but 7 pounds seems like a lot for 7-8 drinks over 2 days?  But maybe that's just what it is?  Thanks again!!

  • Hi I went away for a weekend in Paris and gained 4lbs in two days and like you was shocked but I git back on plan and within the week it was all gone. I lost 4lbs initially in first week so water weight so that's what I believe the gain was and bloated through carbs. Very scared as go on holiday to asia tomorrow so wont be able to do keto and food is not keto friendly but will start again if needs be when I get back as this has been working for me 

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  • You are allowed some  alcohol on keto in moderation if you keep within macros and keto friendly so suspect is water weight 

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  • karen going away is the hardest when on Keto! I just try to reduce my portions, drinks loads of water (some wine ofcourse...it is vacation after-all ) and stay away from any rice, pasta and bread. Rice in Asia may be a problem….Good luck and happy travels! 

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  • I found that upping water really helps...I read between 12-14 glasses a day when on Keto, so I had 12..woke up 2 lbs lighter...

    Try upping your water for a few days!  Hope that helps.

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  • karen  Thanks!!  I am down 3 lbs already just jumping back on keto, so I think you might be correct about the water weight.  Just shocking how fast it comes on.  Thanks again, and have fun on your vacation!!

  • zebrabuf  I am doing about a gallon a day, but not the same on weekends, so I wil try to keep that consistent all week.  I am finding weekend are a lot harder to stay consistent. 

  • the majority of the weight is water weight/bloat, just get back to it and it will be gone within a week. 

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