Cancer and keto

Anyone know if keto is a positive for chemo and cancer ?

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  • I can't answer that question but I have heard and read in articles that  cancer feeds on sugar.  So not eating it must be a good thing I would think to help at least.

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  • From what i understand fasting is supposed to be. 

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  • In the documentary the magic pill on Netflix, a lady explains how she started keto after a cancer diagnosis. She eliminated the tumor before even receiving any treatment. Her physicians call her the miracle patient.  She started the keto diet based on the fact that cancer cells strictly feed on sugar.

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  • I had breast cancer. The cancer cells do thrive on sugar. I didn't do keto until now, almost 4 yes later. Cutting  sugar is good. But I wouldn't go keto until done with treatment. During chemo you may have mouth sores & have to eat only soft food. You may only have certain tastes that you can eat. Try to eat the healthiest uou can with sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread & pastas instead of whites. You'll most likely be able to drink some protein drinks. You'll want to up your protein after surgeries & if you're not eating much. Choose the lowest sugar one. Read labels before you start treatment so you know ahead of time what foods you'll want to choose. But if all you can eat is canned chicken noodle soup then do it. 

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    • Fitnpmom
    • Don’t give up, it’s never too late!
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    Cancer will often feed on Sugar that is why a lot of obese people have higher rates of cancer.... now in regards to the chemo.... just make sure you have renal function checked regularly.  I have had a few friends on the Keto who ended up having acute renal insufficiency, my concern for you is that there is  a possibility that your chemo can cause renal issues... make sure you are taking vitamins and add salt when needed

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  • If you watch magic pill on Netflix, there’s a lady on there with cancer who is on keto.

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  • Hello, I decided to go keto because I had cancer 2014 and my tumor markers are high again. I'm new to this forum and to keto.  I've read lots of material supporting keto for cancer. Check out You tube Dr. Jockers.

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