2 weeks and not in ketosis

My wife and I started at the exact same time, she hit ketosis by day five. Im 14 days in and have not (using test strips). Every single day i'm under 20grams of carbs and i'm within 1-3 percent of my ratios of 75/20/5

Ive read every  body is different, but its getting a bit frustrating. I have lost weight in the 2 weeks (6 pounds) and i've decided to give up diet soda next week (1 a day) to see if that makes a difference

Has anyone experienced something similar? any tips?

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  • I would strongly suggest adding Intermittent fasting. It may help kick it in  

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  • greg989 Hi,  I’m having the same problem. Cannot for the life of me figure out how to get into Ketosis. 

    I’ve fasted, I’ve exercised, I do Intermittent Fasting.  Eat at 1 or 2 fast the rest of the hours. 

    Darn it!!!!

    I ordered the Keto Coach from Amazon to check my blood.  I have been using the strips. No Ketosis for me so far. The diet is working because I have lost weight too. 

    Your not alone. 


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  • This is exactly the same as me and my husband.  We've been doing keto 6 weeks now and at no point has hubby showed anything on keto sticks, whereas I've been positive most days.  We have both lost the same amount of weight- only 4kg, so something is working, its just been far slower than I was expecting!  I previously did a juice diet and felt amazing with so much energy.  As soon as we returned to food though, we put the weight back on.  So far with keto, we haven't had much energy, even after 6 weeks.   2 weeks ago we started intermittent fasting- only eating lunch and dinner, but its only made a slight difference weight wise and no improvement on energy levels.

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  • 6lbs in two weeks is pretty good for starts. I’d say don’t over think it and just make sure you’re well below 20 carbs a day (I try to stay under 5 if I can help it     And I get them from the vegetables I eat) and drink plenty of water! LOTS.  Make sure to be getting plenty of healthy fats and proteins. Just don’t over think it! Forget the test strips. From what I’ve noticed those things are hit or miss anyway. Do what you know to do and forget the rest ! Enjoy ! 

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  • I agree with Finky.  The sticks worked for me for about 1 month, then nothing.  There is a blood measuring tool called Keto Mojo but I’m too frugal to purchase it AND I’m losing without knowing if I’m in Ketosis. I document my carbs and do my best. I am choosing to not sweat the small stuff right now.  :-). 

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  • The pee strip measure excess ketones and are not reliable after a while because you will be burning those suckers instead.  Monitoring blood is not necessary unless you have specific health issues. Just keep going, ketosis Is a change in energy source but not required for weight loss. You’ll know by how great you feel.

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    • Karbndall
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    Finky I'm a couple days short of being two months in and the urine strips are starting to show lighter shades of pink instead of the dark purple.  Personally, I think the strips were great at confirming Ketosis when you're new, so I don't discourage the use of them early on.  They have limited shelf life and your body stops production of excess keytones, so the usefulness is limited.  I'm not interested in forking over the money for blood test devices.  I think monitoring what I eat is the key.

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  • Weird1Nessa Hey Weird1,  I just purchased a Blood Ketone Meter from Amazon.  It’s called 

    Keto Coach.  The Keto Mojo cost a little more.   I am having the same issues as you. 

    I need to know if I’m in Ketosis or not.  I should be because I’m following the plan and tracking on CM. 

    My meter is arriving today. Can’t wait to learn how to use it and see if I’m in Ketosis. 

    No more sticks for me!!!!!



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  • Finky  TW here, can you give us a list of your daily, healthy fats and proteins. And veggies you eat to stay under 5 carbs per day ???

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  • Karbndall 

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  • Karbndall arizonafun54 here,

    I agree with you!!  Just follow the the plan. Drink your water. 

    I bought that Keto Coach Blood Meter and it doesn’t like my blood. 

    It worked on my husband but not me after 6 try’s. Crazy!!!

    I got nothing, the last test it came up in error.  I’m sending it back. 

    Just doing the plan and moving forward.  I’ve lost 28 so far. 

    I’m happy and losing that’s what is important. 

    Good Luck in your journey. 🤗

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    • Karbndall
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    • Karbndall
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    arizonafun54 I think I'm down 25 from my max with about 20 of that on Keto.  Once I hit my goal, I bounced and even though my calorie deficit is still at -20, I'm stuck at the moment.  As long as I keep my carbs in line, I'm good with it.  No meter needed.

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  • Tegan This is where I am. Some weight loss, no ketosis showing & low physical energy. Mental energy is off the charts!

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  • lol I just asked almost the same question. My guess is that I was already ketone adapted - I get an upset stomach when I eat carbs so I avoided them. Not enough to lose weight like I have been since I found  CM, but enough to keep me from the whole flu and ketosis thing. Best of both worlds. Losing weight like mad now, YAY!

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  • velvetmonster  TW here, what are you doing to find out if you are in the big K?????? Or are you just guessing ????????

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  • TW Lost 45 HELLO were u just mouthing off???

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  • TW here, keep eating the carbs and you will never go into the big K, Ketosis is when you are using FAT  for fuel, Hello wake up... I Have lost 50 lbs now and try to eat ZERO carbs... I  AM A  CARB O HOLIC...

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  • TW Lost 45 Hi TW,

    arizonafun here. 

    Can you please give me an example of your day of eating Keto?

    I’m still using the green drink you told me to buy everyday and hitting the gym.  Working out with a trainer now.  I’m just not hungry 😋.  Hard getting in my food total.  

    Thanks for all your advice  


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  • arizonafun54  ARL, TW Lost 50 here, Your problem is " Trying hard to get your food total in, is your only problem" everyone is different, but it works the same for everyone. ZERO carbs, is zero carbs no matter what they  are not.. I have been Dark,dark purple for over 100 days in a row, Why because I don't worry about all the things you worry about... How many cheat times have you had in the last 2 weeks???  How many snack times with any carbs? These are the same issues that are keeping you out of KETOSIS, I wouldn't eat another carb until I was Purple, stop with the excuses...  Now to answer your question, I will only give you an idea of what I eat for Breakfast...


    Take a:

    1)Lo Carb 9"  Whole wheat  Tortilla  (cut in half)

    2)On each halve Put 1/4 of a 1oz zero carb slice of cheese down the middle

          of each tortilla half

    3) I nuke for 20 seconds

    4) Now  I layer 1/2 slice of fried bacon  on each

    5) 1/2 of an egg fried in the bacon grease on each

    6)  1 & 1/2" slice of zero carb ham fried in bacon grease on each

    7) 1/8th " slice of sweet potato  fried in bacon grease on each

    8) 1/8th " slice of apple   fried in bacon grease on each

    9) Lastly, I put Jalapenos and more cheese (sparingly)

    Wrap it up  and enjoy  Total carbs = 2 1/2 carbs each + the carbs in the sweet pot and apple and jalapenos. I personally Eat one at Noon and one about 3 or 4 PM 

    If you have any questions let me know, I am still weighing daily and still using K test strips daily

    TW  Lost 50 and shrinking

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  • TW Lost 45 I am testing my urine.

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  • There are SO MANY ingredients that can be keeping you from getting into ketosis. Such as the artificial sweetener in diet soda 😬 They actually spike blood sugar. There is SO MUCH more to the keto diet than just reading the labels for macros. It’s all in the Ingredients. 

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  • Keto Capla Keto Capla 

    Arlene here,

    Thanks for your response. Appreciate it. 

    I drink no Sodas. 

    Black coffee, Black teas and water. 

    Sugars & any kind of flours make me stall or gain. 

    It’s hard but I’m sticking with it. 

    I’m a Caregiver and am taking care of a 92yo and it is a stressful job to say the least. 

    Track everyday, go to the gym. 

    I want to lose this weight too bad to not do the diet right. My first meal is at 1 or 2.  I also IF .

    Yesterday was 4:30 I ate one meal because I was at the hospital all day with him. 

    My Client has pneumonia. 

    I have 2 eggs and 3 slices of Canadian bacon, avocado. 

    Yesterday I cooked a Spaghetti squash. 

    I have pork chops, bacon, sausage, eggs, tried yogurt but I think the sugar in yogurt is hurting me  

    Can’t seem to find my problem  

    I’ve lost 30 pounds and have more to lose.

    if you have time, could you give me an example of what you eat in a day 

    I’m trying.  Hard to get in all my calories and my Protein  




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  • arizonafun54 are you on fb? I most of what goes in my mouth in my stories. I would love for you to follow me and see if I can help you :) 

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    Keto Capla  TW here, well spoken, I would only drink water and lots of it if I wasn't in the Big K, I have been dark purple for over 120 days in a row.  Drink water and do fewer carbs and you will get there, then you can experiment with other drinks. Adkins says no soft drinks or coffee until you are burning... Worked for me and took 2 wks to get there...

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  • Keto Capla 

    Arlene here,

    I don’t do Facebook. 

    I have an account but never on there. 

    Don't even remember my password. 

    I would try to get on to follow you. 


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