Recipe Filtering!

You have us create a My Foods List, Yet you don't have an option the filter recipes based on that list!  I spent almost 2 hours going through the Foods Data Base selecting all of the things I am willing to eat.  Then much to my surprise it was a waste of my time!  There needs to be an option to filter recipes based on the foods that people can eat!  For many reasons!  Allergies, Likes and dislikes, Health issues with digestion, Texture, the fact that some of us are classified as super tasters!  I cant eat most green vegetables as to me they are RIDICULOUSLY bitter!  As a result I will not torture myself by forcing then down!  So people should have the option to sort based on food in the My Food List!  Your way to simplistic food preferences of"Allergy/Aversions"  is far to general!

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