Different types of carbs

Hi everyone

do u think that it matters if u get lets say the same amount of carb a day from “bad carbs” vs “good carbs”?... for example, would say 30 net carbs a day that come from tomatoes/ carrots help me more with the weight loss than 30 net carbs that come from bread/pasta?.. can i eat more than 20 net carbs a day if they come from “good” sources like vegs?



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  • That’s a good question.  It probably depends on your individual metabolism.  Each of us is as different as our fingerprints.  I find the more unprocessed the carb the less it affects my weight as high fiber content offsets the carbs effects.  But it ma be that for some people it is better to avoid most carbs especially during the weight loss stage but perhaps not so much during maintenance.  I think there is no one size fits all but you need to experiment with foods and see how you respond.  Then your eating can be tailor made to suit you and nobody else.

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