Let’s talk about sodium

Sodium seems to be an important part of Keto so I’m curious to get your thoughts. So at first, I started having bad palpitations. I majorly decreased my sodium only to find out I was going in the wrong direction haha. I thought my palpitations were from too much when really, I was sodium deficient! Talk about feeling awful! So now I’m putting salt on everything!!! Even in my coffee! I never wana feel like that again. So my question is, when is it too much sodium? I’ve read that you should have 2000-4000mg/day. But yesterday I had waaaayy more than that. Anyway, let’s talk sodium...

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  • natturnerbushcraft what does this taste like? Is it easily palatable?

  • natturnerbushcraft also what brand should we get? I’m doing a little research on this, sounds like a great thing to have every day!

  • Badmojomn So is this caused by lack of potassium or sodium and magnesium as well. Scary.  I'm just in the beginning of Keto and trying to get all these details figured out.  This is, for sure, something I don't one to experience.

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