Increased Cholesterol levels??

Had lab work done end of Nov.  Started Keto 1/1/19.  Had lab work done today & ALL my cholesterol numbers have increased AND I have high blood pressure & on meds.  ONLY the cholesterol numbers increased, but NOW WHAT?  I'm making good progress, but these are not the numbers I want.  I drink my water and I exercise daily - walking 6+ miles each day.  Suggestions anyone?

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  • Absolutely normal, check out Dr Berry utube.   Numbers will go down.   

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  • Suggest you read up on latest research into cholesterol that shows that there is no correlation between cholesterol level and cardio health and that low HDL cholesterol is actually a high risk factor for other conditions. The medical industry are as short sighted and fixed in their views on cholesterol as they are on carbs being good 

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  • High HDL is good cholesterol. If it outweighs the high level of LDL, that is supposed to be ok

  • LDL will go up  a bit on keto...but which "particles" of LDL is it? the big fluffy ones or the tiny tight ones? You can only know which by a LDL Particle test. Doctors are now coming around to realizing that the key numbers to look at are the HDL and trig. #s. 

    But regarding keto, your LDL will start to come back down over a few months.

    For very interesting info - see www cholesterolcode   dot com

  • I had the opposite experience, my cholesterol numbers were all within normal range for the first time ever.  Try to incorporate a variety of fats instead of just relying on meat and dairy alone.  I add in avocados, low carb nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon etc. to round out my fat intake.

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