Horrible Keto rash!

Hi just started the keto diet a little over 2 weeks ago and it’s been working amazing. However I broke out into a horrible itchy Keto rash that keeps spreading! Any advice?

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  • Sadly I have also experienced this horrible issue!  There are all kinds of theories as to why it happens(candida die off, release of toxins, skin sensitivity to acetone/ketone bodies, and others).  Most Keto “experts” say that it will go away eventually.  It definitely goes away if you add carbs.  I have never really found a great answer tho it does seem to be better if I focus on eating whole food Keto as opposed to “dirty Keto”. Best of luck.  The official rash name is prurigo  pigmentosa if you want to google it.  :)

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  • Cb7  Very interesting read Thank you 

  • Cb7  what is dirty vs whole food keto?

  • Cmich7249 

  • Cmich7249 well, some folks term “lazy Keto or dirty Keto” to refer to not really focusing on the nutrients you are consuming and just avoiding carbs.  Several sources, (dr Berg, dr berry, and many other nutritionists) really teach the importance of nutrition and adding healthy whole foods to meet your macros.  Several of the above sources have free YouTube videos on the topic!  Hope that helps!  

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  • Cb7  so helpful! Thank you very much I will definitely look into that!

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    Just in case....Make sure it's not measles... or chicken pox.

  • KC I was going to say that but did not :)

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