Can anyone confirm or deny the negatives of this sweetener? I read contradictions so I’m wonderimg if anyone has been out of ketosis for drinking Gatorade zero which has sucralose. 

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  • It has both sucralose and acesulfame potassium (acesulfame K). From what I gather you they’re generally acceptable on keto. The only negative I see is a potential insulin response which would cause fat storage. Especially true with acesulfame K. It’s 200x sweeter than sugar. I’m not aware of those sweetness knocking you out of ketosis though. 

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  • As far as I know sucralose is just like all the other artificial sweeteners. Generally frowned upon by the healthy keto folks especially the grass fed, pasture-raised, organic, clean food folks. however as far as I can tell their impact on keto is no different than their impact on any other diet. They may or may not be bad for you, they may or may not be really bad for you, but they don't have any impact on ketosis. I actually consume a lot more sucralose since starting keto than I ever did before it. Because aspartame is my favorite sweetener and it has carbs. I can't get a lot of the products that I like to use with natural sweeteners in them. And I'm not going to do without them. So sucralose it is.

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