Raise my GKI?

I'm new to the Carb Manager forums, so I may be posting this in the wrong place. I'm doing keto to lose weight. I've read that the best program for fat loss is 60%-39%-1%. I've been doing that for several days now and my GKI keeps getting lower. It's now at 1.5 - the therapeutic level, and it's been lowering consistently since I began keto. I understand the best GKI range for fat loss is 3-6. I keep reading about how to lower your GKI, but I can't find anything on how to raise it. Any suggestions?

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  • Actually the lower your GKI the more fat you are burning. It means that your glucose levels are staying low and most likely being fed mainly by the liver which is converting fats and proteins into glucose. With a low GKI your body is basically being forced to use ketones for fuel since there isn't as much glucose available.

    There will always be some glucose in your blood since there are some cells that can't run on ketones and therefore the liver creates them by metabolizing fats and proteins.

    I recall reading about a study were an obese person was put on a medically supervised "no food" diet for 382 days. Just water, and vitamin/mineral supplements to maintain nutrients that the body can't produce on it's own. Even with essentially no food the subjects blood glucose hovered around 30 mg/100ml for the majority of the time.

    You can find references to the study by Googling "medically supervised 382 day fast"

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