I have been on this well over a month. I lost 4 lbs the 1st week then gained 2 back the second week. Since then, nothing! I am extremely disappointed! I have been on a streak for 30 days, carbs set at 16g, and calories at 1200. I’m thinking about quitting, unless I can figure out what I’m doing wrong!

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  • Hi Kim...go back to the basics under the getting started section...something isn’t right here...this plan is for slow and steady weight loss...are you getting the water intake? Are you logging everything that you consume including gum?  Even sugar free gum has carbs?  Here is what is working for me...water intake at 8 to 10 cups per day...walking 8,000 per day...logging everything I consume...reading food labels for hidden sugars...making keto versions of my favourite foods and baking my own bread, rolls, and bagels...I’m on week seven and I’m down 17+ lbs.  This plan really takes off after you get all of those sugars out of your body...which can take several weeks to happen...I gained fifty pounds in the past 15 years...it’s going to take my six to ten months to get that off again...be kind to yourself...focus on the change in eating habits...soon you won’t be as hungry during the day and you will see your results!  I have faith in you!  Best wishes on your journey! ☺️ Nancy

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  • NMJPeter I have logged every little thing. Maybe I haven’t drank as much water as I should. My steps are between 5000-6000, as I have a desk job. I probably am eating too much cheese? So I’m cutting that out. So it’s possible this could still kick in?? 😩

  • There are a couple of good Dr. Berg you tube videos that may help...I too was eating too much cheese!  Look for other snacks that can help like meats and low carbs crackers...I use zero calorie dips and dressings from Waldens that help with snacking on broccoli or cauliflower...the weight will start to come off soon.  Don’t focus on the scale so much...listen to your body and only eat with you are hungry...other foods I use instead of cheese or olives, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese and walnuts...☺️

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  • Thank-you so much for your input! NMJPeter 

  • Hi Kim,

    Something else you might like to look at if you are having a lot of trouble and that would be Dr. Jason Fung and intermittent fasting. This really does help when you are stalled, he also has a lot of Youtube videos that help explain what is happening in your body and why you might be having trouble losing the weight.

  • Kim 

    I have heard people say if you seem to be stalling cut dairy, nuts and any keto sweet treats 

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