Stalling, any help please

Hi all, 

wonder if anyone can give me some advice, been on keto since august last year , to date lost nearly 2 half stone, but at the moment nothing happening, I was good over Christmas and new year, no weight gain, I eat  way below my carbs fats, protein and cals, I’ve just done a 24hr fast , with no loss, I’m checking my ketones with a breath monitor and ketone blood monitor, both say I’m in ketosis, just no weight loss, any ideas please 🤗

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  • Not clear from your comments, but I wonder how many more stones, if any, do you need to lose?  Is it possible you’ve lost all extra fat?  Once it’s gone, the body tends to stabilize at the ‘new you’ weight.

    Sometimes we just hit a plateau and think we’ve done something wrong.  Keep the faith and you’ll be surprised when you drop a bit.  It’s funny (and more than a little frustrating) when that happens, but sometimes it just takes more time than we think.  Steady on!

    Also, you say you’re eating ‘way below’ your fats - if you’re getting close to your goal, you might consider increasing your fat.  As we lose extra fat, it becomes more important to eat more fat as that’s our source of energy.

    And, I’ve been reading more and more of late that medical research is starting to believe that cutting calories is NOT the answer (all my life I thought that’s how it was done, so it came as a considerable surprise).  It seems that when we cut calories, our bodies lose weight for a short while, and then scale back their systems to match the intake; to reestablish balance between food in and energy expended (my words, not the med folks).   I’m ‘experimenting’ with going full cals in my meal planning, but of course continue to eat only when hungry.

    Last, you might consider buying a blood glucose/ketone measuring kit.  I consistently read that breath (or urine) is not as reliable as a blood test kit.  Just a thought.  Keto-mojo has a very popular kit that tests blood glucose and ketones with one finger prick (although you need a separate test strip for each test)

    That’s all that comes to mind.   Hope this helps and keto on.

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  • Pat F 

    Thankyou for getting back to me, 

    I would like to loose another 7 lb  get me to around 10. 4. Too 10/6, I’m a 57 yr old female, 

    my macros should be:

    carbs 13

    fat 79

    protein 64 

    cals 1029

    i use around 6/10 g carbs

    20/60g protein 

    36/68g fat, 

    between 750 too 950 cals, odd occasion go over, always try to have more fat than protein, 

    I do use a blood monitor for a keto reading and that has me around 0.9 too 1.7, breath monitor around 2. Mark Too around 3.5 and the last couple of days up too 5. Mark, 

    Sometimes wonder that I don’t eat enough but not hungry, 

    wonder if this would info would help any more 

    thanks 🤗

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  • 85 % dark chocolate.

    The darker the better has minimal carbs

  • Your overall calories are really, really low? How are getting enough nutrients? Anyway, that last few pounds is always bloody stubborn and takes more time.  think my last five took twice as long as my first fifty. I'd not be attempting to cut calories when you're already so low.

  • Jolie hi thanks for replying, I think I’m  getting into a rut now with the calories, 😂 I do it in every diet!!! 

  • my trick was one day of carbs and 6 days keto. It works

  • Daisydool I am having the same problem with nutrition so much so my skin is dry and my hair is falling out. Wonder if you met your goal yet and what did you do?

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