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Hey guys! 

So I have started keto AGAIN. Day 2.. just curious if any of you have been diagnosed or think you have binge eating disorder? Yes its a real diagnosis! lol I think I have this issue. When I eat like a piece of candy, I have to have like 30, even if I am not hungry. SO  my question is, how do you deal with it? I will sit and eat 800 different things even if I am not hungry. I am sure alot has to do with boredom and mood, but I was hoping someone has some insight that actually helped them.

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  • I ask because if I slip off the keto wagon just once, it doesnt stop :( so for me, it's like all or nothing :*(

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  • I am a binge eater. When I feel the urge to binge (or sometimes there is no urge, I just do it on impulse) I have to ask myself what is going on and why I am feeling that way. From my understanding with binge-eating, we are trying to mask some sort of feeling with food and overeating. I have to ask myself what am I really feeling (loneliness, boredom, sad, angry) and instead treat that feeling by doing something about it instead of turning to food. Hope that helps. 

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  • I agree with Lizard. Ask yourself why your doing that.  A lot of it is self control and the food items taste so good. It’s good to cleanse your cupboards if you have self control issues with eating. I have that issue. If I don’t see it I don’t eat it. I actually avoid the potato and cracker isle at the stores.  

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  • badmojomn I did the same, some years ago. Just did a good spring cleaning and got rid of all this junk.

    I also plan ahead, cook more food to freeze it and freeze it in small portions , so I don't grab junk because I might be hungry and too lazy or no time to cook. Was a live saver!

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  • I went to a treatment center in Cordova TN called Fair Haven for binge eating disorder. Therapy was a lot of help. Having a support group helps too. Having a hobby to do when you get and urge to binge helps too. They thought us to do art of our feelings ECT. Hope this helps you. Binge eating disorder is something I deal with but before treatment I would binge 5 times a week. Now only a few times a year.

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  • I can relate! I'm TRYING to start keto for the 3rd time since January. The first 2 times I managed to stay on for around 6 weeks each time and lost 20 lbs, but now I've been on a binge for a week and a half and am having so many carb/sugar cravings and hungry all the time. It's really crazy cause I KNOW that if I stay on keto I feel so much better and have more energy... but I can't seem to stay away from the cookies, donuts, candy, etc. As I recall, the first two times on keto were not that difficult, but this time it seems nearly impossible!

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  • I am also a eat one cookie...finish the box girl. I chart each morning exactly what I will eat for the day ( you can even do it a week at a time but I'm not that organized). Its easy on this app. At that time I play around to get the exact macros I want out of the day. Then I stick to it! No changes...if something needs changing, I will do it on tomorrows menu. Also I try not to get too creative or inventive. I have about 6-8 go to receipes or foods I eat. I don't do well on too many choices.

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  • I hear ya. I’m a eat out of frustration eater. Mostly when I’m finding my kids challenging and I am like a sleep walker in a wind tunnel eating anything and everything until I am sick. I have no answers for you on how to control it. But I can assure you that it is a real issue- don’t feel you’re alone. I have read books I’ve tried hypnosis nothing works- If I want to binge I am going to, sadly it’s that simple. I’m just starting Keto. Going on 2 weeks and have been ok on it. Really good for a few days have one bad day then back to good then one bad. So obviously I’ve mad little progress. I worry this woe isn’t for me since I’ll alaays be kicking myself out of ketosis and never getting into “fat adapted” phase.  I’m going to try a few more weeks and see how I do. 

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  • mmcgrath879e there is a nutritionist named LeAnn Vogel. If you get a chance look up her videos or podcasts. I watched one where she says some people need to "carb up" from once every few weeks to sometimes people or should I say women need to eat a carb meal every day without breaking keto.  It might help you understand more about ketosis and what you can or can't do and still be ok. 

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  • I guarantee if you follow keto and eat fats you will not overeat. Try eating 30 pieces of bacon :)  You will be full after 6 slices

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  • It’s been 2,990 days since my most recent binge, thanks to the Twelve Step program of recovery known as Overeaters Anonymous. It’s patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. As a man, I was ashamed to go to my first meeting but I was so desperate and scared I felt like I needed to at least see what it was about. In combination with a plan of eating, it has worked a miracle for me.

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  • I have the issue. I just made a new post about it. I don't binge on carbs though, but I can binge on pork rines and bacon and fatty things. I've carried my eating issues over to keto and it's a struggle.

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