Ketosis and Adrenal Fatigue

Hello, I have been reading mixed information online about how ketosos affects adrenal fatigue.  Does anyone have any specific resources speaking to how it affects DHEA levels and testosterone.  Thanks!

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  • Sarah  thanks for this.  What does your crash feel like?

  • badmojomn thank you!  My keto adaption phase has been harder than I could have imagined.  Hopefully the three week mark will see me turn a corner.

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  • This is what I was looking for "Those readers who are considering following a ketogenic (low-carbohydrate) diet may be interested in a small study done on rheumatoid arthritis patients: the low-calorie ketogenic diet using less than 40 g of carbohydrates per day resulted in a 34% rise in DHEA within a week; the ketogenic diet was as effective as sub-total fast in raising DHEA levels. This study needs to be replicated, however, using a larger number of healthy subjects. In primates, calorie restriction has indeed been found to preserve higher DHEA levels, indicating a slower rate of aging. In humans, fasting is known to raise DHEA levels in both sexes. Anorexic and bulimic women likewise show higher serum DHEA. Exercise can also raise DHEA in some individuals, possibly due to the inverse relationship between DHEA and insulin. Finally, while meditation has long been known to increase DHEA, participation in drum circles has also been shown to increase DHEA and DHEA/cortisol ratio, confirming the hypothesis that stress reduction in general boosts DHEA production, probably through a shift of adrenal steroidogenesis from cortisol to DHEA. High insulin, high cortisol and low DHEA constitute a large part of the pathological endocrine profile of aging. Restoring the correct hormonal ratios should be one of the primary goals of any anti-aging program."


    So it appears that a lot of discourse about how ketosis effects adrenals is happening on a very generic level of ketosis being perceived as stress.  And truthfully ketoadaption has been stressful.  I hope and pray it pays off.  Thanks for the link badmojomn

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  • Northern Girl not sure what that is, so probably not.

    I don't have a thyroid gland anymore and have to take Thyroid replacement hormones.

  • Northern Girl And if the study was only done for one week, well, could that be the body is adjusting. They mention primates also- so lab animals. Ketogenic is a huge adjustment for the metabolism, no doubt some numbers may be off for awhile. I guess I don't trust this study. 

  • Sarah if only I could do short intense exercise still..... I joined a fabulous gym that did those 20 seconds to 2 minute bursts ~ ended up with a burst blood vessel deep down in the sheath (lining of the  bowel) it took weeks to recover then I followed up with acute and extreme kidney infection so following 2 stints in hospital I was left with a long recovery and the weakness had hit big time. 2 yrs on and I am starting to feel like walking again. I will do my best to listen to my body and rest I promise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🌷

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  • Today is Day 12 and I am finally feeling OK.  I talked to my doctors on Thursday and asked them to comment on Keto and the adrenals and as to whether adaption is too much stress on the body.  They said that they have seen cancer patients Keto adapt during chemo and have a net benefit on their immunity and overall ability to fight the disease.  This makes them believe that yes, although the adaption is difficult the overall positive affect Keto has on blood sugar and insulin benefits to adrenals and is to the overall benefit of treating adrenal Fatigue. They urged me to stay on the diet for the full three weeks to see how my body adapts.  Feeling happy that my doctors still feel this was a good choice and that I'm starting to stabilize.  Previous to this I had suffered from a chronic infection that destroyed my gut, so my body is particularly fragile, and adaption was exceptionally difficult.  I'm really looking forward to the future.

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  • Northern Girl wonderful that you are starting to feel better and equally that your doctors are so uptodate. What is it with 3 weeks? That’s the number I was given... but have since found out it takes 12-18mths oh well I see this as a way of life now anyway. 

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  • Northern Girl It's funny because mine went way down... but I had a very high level of DHEA to start with.. started keto with the hope that I can lower it and it worked - had 24570 ng/ml (85184 nmol/L) and it went down to 6180 ng/ml (21426 nmol/L), which is finally a normal level.  

    Maybe it works both ways... From what you wrote and from my experience with this, I think that doing keto heals your body and helps you lower or raise your hormone they get to normal.

    I, as well, searched like crazy on info on Keto and DHEA and couldn't find anything interesting... so I gave it a try. :)

  • I have been diagnosed with MS and giving this a try! My chronic fatigue is seriously affecting my life as a single mom with two little girls- and then I was in a car accident which has affected my back, neck, shoulders- migraines- it’s been rough, so am giving this a try. I have been trying to get in the head space to follow the Wahls protocol, but I’m not there yet, so will start here and see. I’m still in my first week and learning A LOT,  but very hopeful 😊

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  • meghaneatonc66a  good luck. Let us know how it works for you. 

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