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Hi, I just joined today. I’m thinking of going to premium. I maxed out my carbs but didn’t even get near my protein, fat or calories for the day (913 cal of 1650). I’m afraid my body will go into starvation mode even though I’m not hungry.  So if I switch to premium are the diet plans synched with my carb/fat/protein/calorie allowances so I’ll know how much to eat of each item daily, or not? 

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  • Hi, I just went premium myself.  Love to help people with keto.  If you're main focus is losing weight, I would recommend not to worry about your calories and eat when your body tells you you're hungry.  If you do it right, your appetite will almost be non existent on some days.

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  • I personally don't believe in starvation mode. Yes, I think your body can hang on to things for a few days but not indefinitely. If that were true people with anorexia would be over weight and gastric bypass would not work. That said, eat only when hungry. Our bodies are magical like that, telling when to eat, sleep and drink. 

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  • Thanks for the replies. I decided to go premium. 

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  • Their is a learning curve as this is a completely different way of eating from we were taught all our lives so don't beat yourself up too much. Try raising your fats first. This will give you more calories as well as help with energy and hunger. Then get your protein in line. If you ate 500 cal or more under your calories for a week or 2 it might be a problem but 1-2 days its not going to hurt you. Or under 100 or less, not going to hurt you.

  • How is the premium? I’m thinking about doing it today, but wondering how it’s working for you all that have gone for it. I’m vegetarian Keto. How are the recipes for a vegetarian? 

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