Type 1 Diabetic

I am just so proud of myself right now and I have to share. I started Keto last month and I wanted to see some real progress, something that showed me my results fast with this new way of life. I went back to see the first weekend of the month of August blood glucose wise. I have a T-2 pump and G6 monitor so, yay T Connect.

How did I live that way? My blood sugar was all over the chart, the highest reading being 383, average 205, and lowest 105. This past weekend I had my highest reading of 146, daily average 116, and low 95. This just blows my mind. This is what I call an NSV!

I'm also extremely insulin resistant but I won't bore you with that, just suffice to say I used less than half the insulin this weekend than I did the first weekend of August. Keto for life!

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  • Awesome! Well done! 

  • STC Thank you. I just needed everyone to see. :) 

  • That's great well done 

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