Hair loss and thinning hair

Anyone experiencing a large amount of hair shed being on Keto for months? I am taking multi vit and minerals like I am supposed to. I am shedding a lot these last few months before my 1 year Keto mark. I’m afriad if so much thinning to come and having to use a Rogaine or something. 

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  • Oh yikes.  I’m just starting Keto.  I have major hair shed already, I can't afford to lose more!  Following to see what others say...

  • I too experienced this on Atkins several years ago. I would like to know the answer too.

  • So glad you found this. I did research but never came across this. My hair dresser wouldn’t layer my hair a certain way she said she was afraid it would look to thin! First time ever in my life m hair was this thin. It will be a year for me May so I hope the regeneration will start back up!

  • Try podcasts or videos from Leanne at healthful pursuit. She addresses hair loss as well as a multitude of female issues on ketos. She is a nutritionist that has been through it so knows. 

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  • I just started this diet but now I’m concerned the last thing I need is hair loss! Yuck wtf?! Did ur hair improve ? 

  • Three months into keto and my hair loss started two weeks ago. I lost SO much hair.  I don’t have alot to begin with.  I am taking so many supplements (biotin, collagen, b12, multi) just for hair but I don’t know if it is working.  I even looked up wigs because I am desperate and stressed by the hair loss.  I am planning on making an appt with my doctor to makesure my hormones are in check.  


    Possibly thinking of increasing my carbs or doing a carb up even though I havent reached my goal weight.  I hope this stops soon or else I will have to get off Keto. 🙁

  • Uggghh. I was also using coconut oil based shampoo and conditioner. I was told to stop using these, saw some results within a week or two, it has slowed down a little. Don’t use a protein shampoo or any of those products. Im just over a year keto and it seems to be slowing down. I hope to regain some in next 6 months. This is a normal occurance from what I have been reading. It sucks but it happens with most dietary changes that are moderate to drastic in change. As long as you can’t see my scalp up front, I will still be keto. If it keeps thinning, I will try a hair rejuve sYstem. Hang in there ladies. I wanted to try some sugar free jello but the artificial sweetners turn me off a bit now days. 

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  • lowcarbdieter4a5a I posted an updated response but once again, it’s pending a review. This is tiresome.....

  • df1971  Just checking in to see if the hair loss has stopped...? 

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    Vitamin C is essential to help keep your hair, at least 1000mg a day. Got this suggestion from large keto group and it helped me and many others!

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  • Badmojomn How is you hair now? I’m struggling with same problem and just desperate to find out if it stops at some pint 

  • jenfreymuth32 Thanks for the link.  It is good to know this is only temporary! I have hypothyroid and lost some hair a few years.  It never really has been the same again.  I can't afford to loose any more!

  • Is there an update on your hairloss ?

    ive been doing keto since March and around my 5th month my hair started falling out.  I had thin hair to begin with but now it is horrific.  My bangs are like 2 inches long and you can see my scalp A LOT. I’m getting bloodwork done but my dermatologist is VERY certain it’s due to keto. She is eating low carb herself and so is her employee. She told me not not to quit and my hair will grow again. She recommended some vitamins and rogaine if i wanted but she said it will take its course and start to grow. It could take 6 months to start seeing regrowth and up to a yeah and a half in some severe cases 😩 I can’t even wear my hair down.  My ponytail is the size of my pinky.  This SUCKSSSS so I feel your pain

  • I am having blood work done in 2 weeks to check thyroid again but in the mean time I have been doing some reading.  I am adding extra vitamin C to see if that helps.  Going to ask Doc if it would be safe to add more biotin. I have added a few more carbs last week.  Still staying under 30.  Going back to <20 this week.  I have been stalled losing weight for over a month. I am half way to goal and don't want to quit!  I did get a new hair cut and loss is not as noticeable except to me.  I'll let you know if I see a difference. 

  • Mine is growing back in much better. I bought a clip in hair piece but haven’t needed it for 3 months. I made sure I took my vitamins & minerals, ate fatty protein to satiated rather than piling on extra fats and perhaps not having enough protein. Thankfully it is temporary unless you have unresolved thyroid issues.

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  • Try cold pressed, hexane free Castor Oil massaged 2 times weekly into scalp. Works great, takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see results. Be sure to track by taking progress pics. Google for methods. Works great on increasing eyelash and eyebrow growth too.

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  • Anytime I’ve lost a significant amount of weight I end up with hair loss. Happened to me on WW and several other diets.

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  • genrosadoe9bd 

    What vitamins did your dermatologist recommend?

  • For those struggling with hair loss, increase your protein intake. The ratios are on the official Keto diet are too low. The common myth that going over on protein will knock you out of ketosis are false. You need the protien and amino acids, from meat especially, to help mitigate this, as well as to not lose muscle. A side effect is your hunger will also subside and you will feel more satiated at meals.


    I good rule of thumb I use is to eat 0.8-1.2g of protein per pound of your goal body weight. When I input that, it increases my protein budget a good 40g more than the app tells you never puts me out of ketosis. Here is a good video about protein and gylconeogeneis on keto:

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  • I am finally seeing new hair growth!! I started taking a multivitamin for women (the one for over 50), 1000 mg of Vit C and Biotin.  It has taken a little over 2 months, but it seems to be working.


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  • tnlabrat766d17  Thank you, I will add vitamin C. I've been keto for more than a year and my hair has been thinning out these past couple of months. I just started taking "Hair, Skin, and Nails" and will add vitamin C to the mix. 

  • tnlabrat766d17  How has your hair growth been since starting the vitamins?

  • I just started Keto about a week ago and was already having issues with hair loss so I want to get ahead (pardon the pun) of it if I can. My question is do I need to add this and my other supplements to my daily intake? Now that I am reading labels I see carbs everywhere. 

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