Favourite self education finds please add to 😀

With so much to learn I was so grateful I found this forum with such generous time & experience gifts’. I have noticed a strong trend in many questions being repeated, I didn’t read enough before starting myself ~ but some people are really in the dark & I don’t think they will stick with it as a result. Along the lines of help but in a relaxed way I thought I would list some YouTube & Websites I found useful.

Please add to the thread if you can as the more information we have the more informed our choices can be. Thank you.

This App. Leanne at Healthful Pursuit  ~ YouTube, Website.  Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D. at Bright Line Eating ~ YouTube, Website, Free Survey.  Keto Christina YouTube.  

Pinterest ~ recipes once you can spot ingredients that you are avoiding as you need to pick through a bit....

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  • Thank you! I will check them out! 

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  • sherrijperry enjoy. Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore bedside reading....

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  • pinterest is and great place for keto ideas . i just wanted to throw out there, people get turned off by the high fat, get scared or dont understand.. ofcourse   just like so many others i was  a low fat dieter. and struggle the entire time with some wins and some losses. low fat never solved alot of the  cravings  that ultimately is the ruin of our diets.  keto solves soooo many issues.  cravings, imflammation , pain, water retention, headaches, lack of energy,  cholesteral. these are the things that have been  resolved for me.   and hopefully  keto will help u too.   get on google and research the  myth about  cholesteral u will be surprised  at how our goverments  adopted the policy of low fat for its citizens and how the flood gates opened to produce foods  for us to buy aligning with the policy.   its interesting  to research why things changed and how  our bodies really process cholesteral.   

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  • carbkiller001 absolutely my cholesterol is already improved 🙌 I have let the hidden doubts about fat being bad go!

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  • Just ordered myself a couple of cook books will review them.

  • https://youtu.be/1hxsy-BYp5s

    enjoyed this link about getting started on Keto hope you might.

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  • How To Quit Sugar In 6 Easy Steps



    good list of ‘sugars’ in a drop down list under the video 

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  • Dot lost 145lbs! Loads of free help.


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  • Meant to add & free recipes/ cooking lessons even 🙌 with Dot2Trot

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  • Great resources! Thank you! I started my second week on Sat and have not strayed from the eating plan. I’m feeling very good. Have not missed any of my 2 mile daily walks either. My 2 labs keep me going with that! They love the walk. I read up for a couple weeks before I started, but I find it helpful to keep reading whatever I can. 

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  • I LOVE Dot to Trot... she’s great!

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  • So pleased 😀 her cooking lessons are brilliant and I can’t wait to try her lemon chicken casserole 🥘....

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  • Sugar Addicts Beware


    this is long 22 mins but by the end.... it’s a valuable lesson for true addicts.

    i suggest you watch whilst cooking or doing the ironing... 

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  • Macro confusion & many other subjects with great links below the video 


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  • 2 Keto Dudes ~ i’m Sure it was badmojomn who first mentioned them.

    i would love to have gone to KetoFest!


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  • Posted by Mark Campbell and copied into this thread for useful info.


    I Am admin on a Facebook group where we share and support each other. This app has a lot of potential in our community.  

    LCHF Info and Recipes  

    we follow the guidelines of www.dietdoctor.com particularly Dr Jason Fung 

    here are various places for information pinned on our group   

    You can search on Pinterest for LCHF Recipes 

    200 Low Carb High Fat recipes by Dana Carpender 

    Fat Fast by Dana Carpender

    The Ketogenic Cookbook by Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich 

    LCHF info sites

    Lots of great videos on LCHF some are free without a subscription




    You Tube videos

    Dr. Sarah Hallberg Indiana University Lafayette,in YouTube series 


    Dr Eric Westman book The New Adkins

    Butter Bob Briggs



    Ketogenic overview and foods lists


    hope you find it helpful.

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  • Joanna cook book number one arrived.

    Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen by Carolyn Ketchum 

    beautifully laid out, excellent photographs, great index at the back that is easy to find what you are looking for. It only arrived today so I haven’t had time to cook anything but there’s lots I want to try. Boredom could set in if I don’t try different meals at least once in a while, this book will be a high on my go to list I can see already. Plus I have many of the ingredients already as they are spot on for Keto. Odd recipes include things I will substitute and I will give chat 24 a miss until I am at goal..... sweet treats! 


    Carolyn gives a brief but good explanation of the keto diet & lists many excellent sources for further information.

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  • The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belng in A Healthy Diet by Nina Teichoiz

    Diet Doctor, the Website of Dr Andreas Eenfeldt www.dietdoctor.com

    i was going to list others but to be honest, Carolyn as an entire page on p365 listing resources!

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  • Free 2 week challenge on the diet doctor which give you menus & recipes wow what’s not to like?

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  • Dr Jason Fung ~ his fridge ~ freezer analogy is 10 out of 10! 


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  • this is a link to a podcast about Keto & PCOS by Leanne at Healthful Pursuit 


  • A book review: A Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Jason Fung ~ for those who want a little information without paying for it ~ Dr Fung does lots of free videos on YouTube


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  • Calories by Dr Jason Fung


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  • How to Start Eating More Fat ~ Leanne at Healthful Pursuit 


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  • Struggling with stress & Insomnia ~ you’re not alone 


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