Favourite self education finds please add to 😀

With so much to learn I was so grateful I found this forum with such generous time & experience gifts’. I have noticed a strong trend in many questions being repeated, I didn’t read enough before starting myself ~ but some people are really in the dark & I don’t think they will stick with it as a result. Along the lines of help but in a relaxed way I thought I would list some YouTube & Websites I found useful.

Please add to the thread if you can as the more information we have the more informed our choices can be. Thank you.

This App. Leanne at Healthful Pursuit  ~ YouTube, Website.  Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D. at Bright Line Eating ~ YouTube, Website, Free Survey.  Keto Christina YouTube.  

Pinterest ~ recipes once you can spot ingredients that you are avoiding as you need to pick through a bit....

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  • Jeanelampta  tomorrow is a new day stick with it. 

  • will surely check then out, thankyou

  • On Youtube (scientific experts on keto and how it works): search lowcarbdownunder

    • Dr. Benjamin Bikman (actual science - PhD in Bioenergetics and was a post-doctoral fellow in metabolic disorders at Duke-National University of Singapore)
    • Dr. Paul Mason 
    • Dr. Peter Bruckner
    • Valter Longo, PHD (actual science and research proof)
    • Dr. Dominic D'agostino (actual science and proof) ketonutrition.org website, doing work for the Federal Government for Navy Seal deep divers using Keto to avoid "the bends" when coming up to the surface.
    • Professor Tim Noakes (Capetown)
    • Gary Taubes
    • Dr. Jason Fung (fasting)
    • Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD (dietdoctor website - full of info, recipes, meals, etc)
    • Dr. Ken Berry 
    • Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

    Nina Teicholz - (The Big FAT surprise book) very interesting about the food industry and the western diet health issues and her research - she has info on YOUTUBE also



    • The Magic Pill 
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  • Joanna 

    Can you send me to link to there podcast?  I am recognizing that prescription is a lot doctor’s models. I tried to to my doctor about the keto diet. He was not versed in how it worked. It was not until I lost 8 lbs since the last visit and my glucose and blood pressure was lower than he had seen me with that he began to inquiry what I was going. 

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  • Badmojomn  any experience with low carb wines?  

  • Linda I enjoy Dr Bergs videos as well.  He is big on “clean keto”, lots of salads, including limited amounts berries, makes good sense to me.

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  • Jeanelampta don’t throw in the towel because of a bad day. Just reset the next time you eat. That was a big thing for me-don’t wait till tomorrow or until after the weekend. Rather, reset the next time you eat.  You wouldn’t cut the whole leg of just because you stubbed your toe! 😁

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  • Thanks. We can all afford to learn more however long we’ve been doing thos

  • Instagram #keto #ketorecipies

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  • I live keto Christina and keto connect- Allie mcwowie

  • Low Carb MD podcast

  • Joanna I just got his book a few days ago. It has a lot of info. Glad I ordered it from Amazon. 

  • I am a Primal Keto eater...I love all the information coming out and the resources listed here are amazing, but I have to say I have been following this WOE for a long time and one of the best resource books for me (in spite of being outdated) is stil Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution which was the original keto diet.  The DANDR version offers a lot of insight and is an interesting read. While the science has moved forward, the Dr (not the corporation and all their junk food) basically had it all correct long before the medical community recognized the benefits of ketogenic eating.  It is also an easy cheap pick up in used book stores for those without a bunch of money to buy all the latest titles. As I said, I love the new resources but this is still a "go to" book for me. He also covers some of the issues such as candida that can undermine your losses and cause prolonged stalls.

    I lost 110 pounds on this WOE and still believe it is sound an relevant regardless of what we call it in 2019.   ;)   

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  • “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. It’s available at most libraries. I recommend the audiobook because it is giant and complicated and you can zip through the more in depth discussions that aren’t for you. But the overall book is sort of scary and sort of wonderful and really gives you motivation to stick with this lifestyle. 

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  • I am an actress, and the camera DOES add 10-15 pounds.  I gained weight as a result of some medical issues and went from 120 to 153 (EEeeek!). I have lost 20 pounds and intend on losing the last ten.  The Keto diet gave me Keto Flu and caused me to throw up.  I knew that diet wouldn't be the best alternative, which is why I switched to Low Carb diet.  It's working!

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  • Alway Hungry book by David Ludwig MD and Always Delicious recipes by David and Dawn Ludwig. He’s an endocrinologist at a Boston hospital and explains low carb, higher fat eating in three phases. Well done and great recipes. His phase one is higher carb than keto and is probably where I will reside in maintenance. Recommended by my endocrinologist, also in Boston but at a different hospital.  

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  • Joanna  Hi I'm new this is what I'm looking for is a list of what I could have and cannot. I started 7 days ago I have lost 4 pounds. But I'm still new at this and very confused on a few things. I need to.learn how to make the recipes I'm good at my carbs but I guess I have to go by a recipe book. Any suggestions on a good book with pictures and not to expensive. 

  • Arleane Quinones 

  • Joanna 

  • Arleane Quinones You might check out Keto Connect, they have a lot of recipes and extensively test them before they post them to their website. They also take into account what people give them feedback-wise and will update recipes as well.

    I also use Pintrest to find recipes as well. Both of these are free options.

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  • Thank you. 

  • I also very strongly recommend The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. It describes all the research findings in to the causes and treatments of obesity and recommends a plan. In short, low carb and intermittent fasting. You understand the body processes behind obesity arising from elevated levels of cortisol and insulin so you can realize what you need to do and why.

  • Arleane Quinones Scribd is loaded with such books. Monthly sub is $9.

  • Urvashi Pitre's Keto cookbook for Instant Pot has been truly amazing. Every recipe we've tried has been a smashing success. 

    The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook: Ketogenic Diet Pressure Cooker Recipes Made Easy and Fast
    by Amazon.com
    Learn more: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1641520434/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_qugwEbVZSCWVN

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