Favourite self education finds please add to 😀

With so much to learn I was so grateful I found this forum with such generous time & experience gifts’. I have noticed a strong trend in many questions being repeated, I didn’t read enough before starting myself ~ but some people are really in the dark & I don’t think they will stick with it as a result. Along the lines of help but in a relaxed way I thought I would list some YouTube & Websites I found useful.

Please add to the thread if you can as the more information we have the more informed our choices can be. Thank you.

This App. Leanne at Healthful Pursuit  ~ YouTube, Website.  Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D. at Bright Line Eating ~ YouTube, Website, Free Survey.  Keto Christina YouTube.  

Pinterest ~ recipes once you can spot ingredients that you are avoiding as you need to pick through a bit....

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  • Leanne at Healthful Pursuit on Keto Flu


  • I enjoy the. Ideas on Keto Connect 

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  • pkhors lots of recipes 😋

  • Keto 6 years plus


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  • Calories, Weight Watchers & more...


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  • Joanna  Ironing? What is that? Lol. Thanks for the tips !

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  • debbieezzell391b 😂🤣😂 👔👗👖👕👚⚡️⚡️

    I have always wanted to travel back in time and ban whoever invented it!

  • Great info.. will visit websites. 

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  • Joanna Dot's great... thanks for that tip.  

  • I stumbled on something called “bright lines” and began researching.  I found this information extremely helpful and began creating my own bright lines.  That’s when my weight really began to rocket downward.

  • wamdesigns was there a reason it was dinner he asked you to skip?  I eat once a day only at five o’clock in the afternoon and I found it much easier when I began fasting, to skip breakfast and just wait til lunch.  Then I began skipping lunch as well.  Now I occasionally skip dinner as well and may fast for three days easily.  But I am on heart medicine so 3 day fasting is tops for me.  Would you find skipping dinner easy?

  • Youtube KenDBerryMD. I like him because he does a lot of research, lives the ketogenic diet, and is a true medical doctor.  I just wish I lived in Tennessee to go to his clinic. 

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  • I really think Dr Ken Berry is terrific. I have spent hours watching his utube  videos. He is both informative and practical.  He is also a great motivator. lbs in just over 3 months. No longer a diet, it’s anew way of life for me. 60 lbs to go.

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  • jlsherin258cc  down 40 lbs

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  • Cholesterol results nailed - fantastic explanation  is real experience 

    linked from ketoforums set up by 2ketodudes

    NSV - none scale victory 

    I have a physical coming up with my PCP in a week and had to get some blood tests done. I have been Keto since February. Here’s how the conversation went:
    Nurse: Hi, is this Mr ____?
    Me: Yes it is.
    Nurse: Hi, This is Beth from Dr. ____'s office. We have your blood work back and need to discuss the results (very concerned voice).
    Me: OK? What’s going on?
    Nurse: Well there’s two things that Doctor is concerned about: First is your LDL, that’s the “BAD cholesterol”. That number is 147. The norm is less than 100.
    Me: OK, What is the other concern?
    Nurse: Well your fasting glucose is 111. This should be below 100.
    Me: What was my fasting insulin?
    Nurse: Let me see… Yes, that was 8.3… Very good, the norm is 2-25.
    Me: I can explain. I started a ketogenic diet in February. My body is eating it’s own fat. Within about two years I’ll be at my ideal weight and my LDL will come down. There actual is no science that links high LDL’s to heart disease, in fact the opposite has been found… My sugars are a bit high because my muscles are now burning ketones. Given my reasonable insulin I’m not diabetic and therefore not concerned. This is normal.
    Me: A better indicator of heart disease is the relationship between triglycerides and heart disease.
    What are my HDL’s?
    Nurse: Hmm… Let me see… Excited voice: They went from 36 to 45! The norm is 39!
    Me: Awesome! What are my triglycerides?
    Long pause…
    Nurse: (really excited voice): They went from 187 last year to 93! Norm is less than 150!!!
    Me: One sec (pulling calculator app off my phone)- If you divide you’re total triglycerides by your HDL you get a much better indicator of Coronary Artery disease. Less than 2 is great. 2-4 ok and above 4 is a concern. So last year this number was about 5.2 (not good). This year the number is around 2 (excellent).
    Nurse: How did you do this???
    Me: I went on a ketogenic diet a few months ago.
    Nurse: Did you lose any weight?
    Me: Yes, about 40 pounds
    Nurse: WHAT??? At that point we spent the next few minutes with her quizzing me about this ketogenic diet.
    I’d like to acknowledge @carl and @richard at this point. Had it not been for what I learned from the 2ketodudes podcast I likely would have went on statins and off keto… Which likely would have killed me… Thanks guys, what you do truly is a vocation.

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  • Joanna Love this story.  Mine is similar (metrics).  Way to go!!  

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  • Dsterlin97 fantastic 👍🏻 Feel free to add your own numbers, the more info we glean the better we face others. 🌸

  • Joanna Queen of Sheba I agree about Brightlines,  I mentioned it in post number one of this thread

  • I learned a lot from DietDoctor.com . He breaks down everything, has great illustrations of foods. In fact, I saved much of the info to my Notes app for quick reference. It has come in handy when eating out.

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  • Joanna love Butter Bob!  Wish he would start posting again. 

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  • I’m new to Carb Manager but not to Keto. I’ve lost 105 lbs with 65 lbs more to go. I’m starting to post about my Keto Lifestyle on YouTube. I don’t have enough subscribers for a URL yet but here is a link to my 9 Weight Loss Rules I Set For Myself videos. 


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  • Withrow Urban Homestead me too and he has just added one about lying scales so much so I have sent my scales with my husband to his office until one month passes yay 👏👏👏

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  • Just the scales I hasten to add, my husks allowed home lol.

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