So I am 2 weeks in, probably realistically 1 week in Ketosis, I think it took me about 7 days to really get into it. I’m -17.4 lbs in 14 days. I worry now that some freak accident will happen like, I’ll be served a real “leaded Mtn Dew instead of diet, or something will have a faulty label and really have a ton of carbs. I’ve been aiming for total net carbs of 20 per day or less, 2 days of 14 I hit 25. My question is at what number would I really get kicked out of ketosis and have to start over? 

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  • Help me, please!  I have no idea what I am doing, but I really want to drop a lot of weight fast like you are.  

  • From what I’ve read, you need to get rid of all sodas. Your body will trigger an insulin response even to the fake sugars present in diet sodas. I know it’s not easy, but as you continue your cravings will subside. I have found that sparkling water is a great replacement. I never liked it in the last thinking that it’s really bland, but that has changed for me. You could even try adding stevia to it to sweeten it up. 

  • Steven J  I know this sounds pathetic but I’m working on it. I was a regular soda drinker, and I switched to diet. Now I’m working on eliminating it altogether. I’m definitely drinking more water, and have found that just a sprinkle of a crystal light packet in a 20 oz bottle is just enough flavor to pacify me. The issue is days like today where we are celebrating my sons birthday. He traditionally always requests shrimp Alfredo and German chocolate cake. Alfredo and cauliflower rice with shrimp is a fine substitute for me. I considered making a chocolate keto mug cake for myself but that’ll put me at 22 net carbs, and I’m paranoid what number I truly need to stay under to remain in ketosis. It’s not worth splurging to have to start over in my opinion. 

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  • OhioGal  to be honest I look on Pinterest a lot for recipe ideas. I pre plan most everything I’m going to eat. I focus on the reality that what I consume is fuel for my body, so I think of protein as top notch premium fuel and fiber as mid grade. Then carbs are more so like crappy unleaded that gives you terrible gas mileage. I also own up to every single thing that passes my lips. I’m not kidding, I tracked 2 chocolate chips the other day when I was making banana bread for my family...whatever you do don’t think of this as a “quick fix” or “diet to slim down for a special event” it’s truly a lifestyle change. I know because I’ve lived it and done it. When I quit it was remarkable to me to recall just how good I felt when I was following keto religiously. If you fuel your body to operate optimally I firmly believe you fill feel the difference. 

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  • The answer is, there is no answer. Everyone is different. You are even different at different times. Once you become "fat adapted" one small mistake shouldn't knock you out of ketosis. After 8 months I can have a higher meal once in a while and still stay ketosis. The amount that will set you over is the same way. After being keto for a while some people can go up to 50 carbs...I can't. Also depends on how much and what kind of exercise you have that day. Don't over think it. Even if you go out it probably would only take overnight to get right back in.

  • linrenep okay, since I’ve only just dove back in, I have not added regular exercise into the equation. For me, if I try to “revamp” myself too quickly and all at once I’ll go off the rails easier than if I was making small changes slowly allowing myself to readjust. My goal is at the one month point resume my C25K app and start that again to work myself back into the treadmill daily. 

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  • Surgery_Girl I think that's smart. People that dive in with strict keto, exercise, fasting all at the start are setting up to be overwhelmed. This way of eating is a learning curve for our body and our brain. 

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