One Year of Keto

Well folks, today marks one year on keto and what a year it’s been!  

I started this journey not to lose weight (although I knew it would be an added benefit), but to get my A1C under control.  Diabetes runs hard in my family history with my mom taking gallons of insulin every day... well, not really gallons, but it sure was a lot.

My A1C spiked at 7.7 last October and after discussing with my doctor, I started a Well Balanced Ketogenic Diet.  Within a few months, December if I remember correctly, my A1C was back in the ‘normal range’, and with my most recent test, has steadied at 5.0.  Blood sugars have steadied at 89-92, with ketone levels at 1.4-1.5.   And I’m sixty-five pounds lighter, but again, that’s not the most important result in my opinion.  That said, my knees feel much better, it’s easier to be much more active, and overall, I feel like I’m back in my 40s rather than in my mid-60s.  My cholesterol - also a strong family history - has improved tremendously, as has my blood pressure.  

My keto journey has been relatively easy, but it all started with a serious self-assessment as to what I wanted to achieve, and how badly I wanted it.  I did a lot of research and decided that tracking total carbs was the way to go: net carbs allowed me to ‘accept’, or not count, carbs from such things as the various keto flours, green beans, cottage cheese, etc.  I know some will say it’s not necessary to count total carbs, but in my case, yes it was and I’ll continue to do so (not trying to dictate what works for you, only to identify what worked for me).  

And I noticed early on that there’s a plethora of keto ‘snack’ stuff, or what I call, ‘Keto Junk Food.’   Keto Junk Food is still junk food so I opted to stay away from it - all of it.  Keto Donuts, Keto Cookies, Keto Pies... all have no place in my diet.

My pre-Keto ‘Old Me’ was fond of pasta and breads, and I considered myself a pretty good baker.  Surprisingly, I never found myself craving any of this stuff.  I kept myself busy and got back in to walking.  I’m good friends with my gym again, but understand that weight loss comes from diet and not from the gym (still, there are a lot of beneficial reasons to go to the gym; just don’t expect gym time to equal weight loss).

Overall, I feel like I’m eating much better than I have in decades.  I found through trial and error (and daily tracking with Keto-Mojo) that 18 total carbs seem to be my limit, although on many days I’m below ten.   Chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fish; water, coffee and tea are the norm and I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to being tired - or in a rut - with our menus.  

So I guess that’s it.  What a wonderful year it’s been and I can’t wait to see how this adventure continues to unfold.  I hope this helps whomever reads this, and good luck on your keto journey.

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  • I could substitute my name for your name - that’s how similar our approach is.

    I too count total carbs. I too stay away from all “keto friendly” snacks. I know myself. I too am in my mid sixties and know my weaknesses. like you, there’s a history of diabetes. 

    Congratulations on your phenomenal results. I’m 3 months into my journey. Thank you for sharing. 

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I started my journey about fifteen years ago and I lost 100 lbs.  Some of the weight has slowly crept back on and familial diabetes kicked in. I love your outlook re: health/not weight. That's what this is about for me as well. I have many people relying on me to live longer than I would without eating this way and I have to remind myself that I don't have the right to die early for a Cheeto. 

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  • Just wondering, during the year did you ever have a cheat day? If you did,  was it difficult to get back on?

  • JSH86 Never a cheat day.  My readings tell me it will kick you out of ketosis and set you back, plus it’s too hard to get back in to ketosis.

    Personally, I don’t believe you can change your lifestyle yet eat what you used to.

    Burn your ships and press forward.

    Good luck!

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  • I have also been on Keto for 1year.  A year ago I weight 220. Had my ups and down  overall. My A1C was prediabetic at 6 . November labs show A1C at 5.5. Doesn’t seem like much but I am fighting the insulin resistant issue. This year , today I weighed 179lbs. That’s great. This coming year I  am going for 40 more. That’s my goal this year. 

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    Great update - thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!

  • Frosty62 THATS amazing!! Way to go!

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