Coke zero or diet dr.pepper

Is there anyone who knows the real answer, can you drink coke zero or diet dr. Pepper and will it knock you out of ketosis.  What else is out there we can drink besides water. Its gotta be something.

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  • Try not to drink too many but every once in a while is ok.  Crystal Light and Mio are good and several energy drinks are compliant.

  • Yes diet drinks can temporarily stop ketosis, even the fake sugars can cause an insulin response which shuts down ketone production.

  • Andrew Meyer Are you sure? That seems  contrary to what I hear online from the likes of Thomas DeLauer & Dr Eckberg. Dunno, maybe it’s just a matter of degree. Regardless, the smart bet is undoubtedly to avoid diet drinks regardless because they just aren’t good for you. I’ve switched to water and honestly don’t miss the sodas any more.

  • Dunno about the science behind it but I have 1 can of Pepsi Max with my evening meal. I have only being doing Keto for just over three weeks and I have lost 12 pounds so I think in moderation it is ok.

  • Try out sparkling water. I didn't like it before I went on Keto, but after cutting out a bunch of carbs and sweet drinks, suddenly they tasted good to me. Just make sure that they only have carbonated water and natural flavor.

  • Why would either one knock you out of ketosis? Neither contains sugar.

  • Andrew Meyer Cite please? I guzzled Coke Zero while dumping 30 lbs in 7 weeks.

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  • Biff Tannen A clarification on this. I would hesitate to say it "kicks you out of ketosis". Partly because that is a highly subjective statement and can mean different things to different people.

    From what I have seen there seem to be some recent studies on the effects of artificial sweeteners that have related ingesting artificial sweeteners with a rise in insulin production.  Granted, the results have been mixed and the results seem to vary between different sweeteners, some seeming to have no effect at all.

    Yo date none have caused any increase in blood sugar levels, however some sweeteners do seem do cause a temporary increase in insulin levels. So my takeaway would be that drinking diet pop may cause a temporary slowing down of ketone production due to an increase in insulin which has a dampening effect on ketone production.

    I don't believe the effect lasts for long and so I wouldn't worry greatly about it provided you aren't guzzling litres of diet pop every day. If it makes you happy, and makes staying on a keto diet more manageable  than by all means drink your diet pop.

    I would just go on the assumption that after drinking a diet pop my ketone production will drop off for part of the day (maybe an hour or two maybe less). If I am well into ketosis that won't matter, if I am in light ketosis I might be out of ketosis for awhile.

    I don't view "being in ketosis" as just an all or nothing. I view it as a matter of degrees, which changes constantly throughout the day as I eat, fast and exercise.

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