This is my third week on the Keto diet.  I've been sticking to below 21 net carbs about 98% of the time... one or two days, so far I've gone a gram or 2 over.  I never get up to the 109gram limit of fat but sometimes go over the "at least" 88 grams of protein.    I eat mostly chicken, baby spinach, eggs, bacon, drink coffee with light cream and MCT oil, also plenty of water, etc...  This week I've been exhausted.  Is this normal?  If it is, and it's going to go away, I'll just wait...  If I should be doing something different, I'd love to hear what that is.

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  • I’m in the same boat. I felt great the first few days. Now that I’m 3 weeks in, I’m exhausted all the time. Could it be not eating all the fat is the problem? I have trouble eating so much fat. 

  • Ditto, me too in week 3, I fall asleep all the time and can't must much energy to do anything. Hopefully just a phase?!!

  • I suggest you take electrolyte and vitamin supplements to help fill the holes left in your diet. Drink lots of water and add more salt to your foods. Works for me!

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  • Hutch 

  • Goldilocks527 Thanks Hutch, how do I get electrolytes?  I drink a lot of water...  I’m less tired but now have a dull headache that doesn’t go away 😐

  • Gatorade zero is a great source of electrolytes.  As for the feeling tired you have to remember your body has been eating a high carb diet for most of its life. This is a new way of eating and your needs time to addapt all the way.  So try amd get some extra sleep and power on.

  • Goldilocks527 They have electrolyte supplements. Bone broth is also popular but imo it tastes rank.

  • Add salt to bone broth. It tastes much better. :)


    OP:  if you are not eating enough fat, then your percent carbs will be much too high.   That is why when you set up this app, the keto diet selection is 5:25:70. 5% carbs, 25% protein and 70% fat. Your body can - and will - convert some amino acids (from protein) to carbohydrate. So if you are loading up on protein and low on fat you really are not in a keto state. 

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  • Goldilocks527 I found some Keto Electrolyte Supplements on Amazon that I thought were a good value and seemed to have good content of Magnesium, Potassium, etc. I take one capsule 2-3 times per day plus a standard multivitamin (Centrum or One-a-Day) along with a pinch of pink sea salt in a water bottle which I drink throughout the day. I also use extra sea salt in my food. So far, so good!

  • What helps me is 2 cups per day of bouillon. Salt is the reason people feel exhausted. Dr. Westman recommends 2 cups of chicken or beef or vegetable bouillon per day. When I start feeling that exhaustion, I have a cup and within an hour I feel a lot better.   Dr. Eades of Protein Power recommends using Morton's Lite Salt for potassium as well as salt. 

  • Before you get in to all the supplements etc., keep in mind that it’s important to hit your numbers (at first, until your body adapts to keto).  I do not believe the protein number is ‘at least’ as eating too much protein can cause your body to access carbs from the protein (all protein contains carbs).  And since we’re converting our bodies from ‘carb burners’ to ‘fat burners’, hitting your fat quota is critical.

    My research tells me that if we’re struggling,  we should ‘err on the low side’ of proteins (but not too low), and err on the high side of fat.  Doing that has helped me - keto since mid-Oct and A1C has returned to normal (off meds) and I’ve dropped 55+ lbs.    the comments about sodium are spot on.  Fat burners dump lots of sodium so we need to replace it or face cramps, constipation, etc.

    good luck!

  • Try getting more electrolytes and eating more greens.

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