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Hi everyone! I’m 13 and sedentary at the moment. I was wondering if 1200 to 1250 calories is too high to try and lose 2lbs a week. Thanks!

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  • Hanna, 2lb weight loss per week does not sound healthy, especially at your age. It also is more like a yo-yo dieting rather than something you can sustain in the long term (yo-yo diets are bad because you easily gain back the weight that you lost, so you are stuck in this circle and it's bad for your body, your appearance, and your health). CM let's you calculate calories based on your age, starting weight and target weight, so  choose a bit of a longer time period.  Also, start making healthier choices in general - eliminate all kinds of sodas, juices, etc. and stick with water to hydrate.  Watch Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube if you are allowed to.

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  • Try not to focus on a designated amount of weight/week. Your body will naturally fluctuate as you’re losing, and go through weight loss stalls. This is normal and expected. The key to success is to find a sustainable amount of calories that will help you lose weight while not being too restrictive. Too low on calories will usually mean you won’t stick to it and then gain back what you lost. If you’re serious about losing and keeping it off then eat at about a 15% deficit for your age, gender and height. Weigh, measure and track your food and calories to develop life-long habits. Start going for walks too. Eat whole, unprocessed food and limit sugar substitutes. Good luck! 

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