Talk to me about burning calories from workouts vs. calories consumed.

Hi friends! 

I’mlooking for some clarity around whether or not I should be eating more or if my burned calories  should be an additional deficit?

my calories are set around 1250.  I’m 5’9” & looking to loose 20lbs. I workout every day doing various activities. Yoga, bike rides, kettlebells. I typically burn around 800+ additional calories from these workouts. CM is paired with my Apple Watch & subtracts my calories but not my macros. So I’m not eating more than my target calories/macros. 

My question is, should I be eating more? I’m hungry often & my weight isn’t moving yet.

Any ideas or thoughts? 


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  • Oh, I forgot to include. Most days CM shows my calories consumed being 160-400 calories for the day after my workout is factored in. I don’t want to send my body into starvation mode. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Hi! I am having the exact problem and I’ve asked this same question!Nobody is answering!  I have my Fitbit synced to CM have been working out and like you end up after workout with like 500 calories and 7 carbs! Well under the recommendations and I have only lost 1 pound and I have been religious about keto diet and working out for 8 days! I’m starving too 😂 I am beginning to think that I should not be looking at Carbs/ Calories after workouts! I think it’s deceiving! If it doesn’t work then I think I’ll cancel the premium and just log food and keep under macros set up! Please let me know if anyone reaches out to you and explains what we’re doing wrong! Please advise? 

  • Whether or not users deduct macros and/or calories with exercise is a personal preference.

    Carb Manager usually calculates your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) based on the activity level and biographical information in your profile. If you consistently log exercise in Carb Manager, Carb Manager can automatically deduct energy (calories or kilojoules), or deduct energy and macros, from your daily totals based on the energy burned from active exercise. This enables you to consume more energy and macros and still maintain your goals, although if you’re trying to lose weight, you may meet your weight loss goal faster if you don’t consume the extra energy burned from active exercise.

    Tip: Go to Settings > My Profile. If you previously set a high activity level because you exercise a lot and consistently, and your daily activity primarily consists of exercise that is logged in Carb Manager, then change your activity level to Sedentary since your exercise logs will influence the TDEE. 

    The next version of Carb Manager, soon to launch, will provide another "activity level" for users who exercise a lot and consistently, and use the deduct calories and/or macros setting.

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    • Montse
    • Montse
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    Hi. I have been following the CM now for 10 weeks. I'm exercising most days. Cross country running or kettle bells, or boot camp and I'm gaining weight.

    Get down to 69.2 and back up to 71. I know I'm eating healthy. Following macros. But the scales are not moving down. Yesterday my Fit bit said I burnt 2k Cal. Today I was 1 pound heavier. ?? What can we do. It doesn't make sense. 

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    • Amber
    • Amber.32
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Listen to your body. If you are truly hungry (nausea, shaking, lack of focus) then you aren't eating enough.  Intermittent fasting is a great way to learn your body. Do some research on it. I listened to the book Fast, Feast, Repeat  last week and it was amazing.  

  • I have my Apple Watch synced too. I eat my normal calories and have the app not subtract my exercise. That being said, there are days when I burn 800+ calories working out. On those days I do feel hungrier than usual, so I allow myself to eat extra calories. But I never eat more than half of the active calories I have burned. If that makes sense. 

    When I was replacing the burned calories, I don’t lose any weight. When I didn’t replace any of the calories, I gained weight. But, you should listen to your body. If you feel hungry, eat something.  

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