Ok I’m out of Ketois, why what happened?? What have I done wrong I was doing so well and now not in it and gaining it back!!!

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  • Have self-compassion during this pandemic. It’s harder to stay on track with the social anxiety and tedium of quarantine.  You know keto works, so just consider the detour a temporary turn in the road and find your way back to the journey that makes you feel your best.

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  • How do you know that you're not in ketosis? If you're using the pee strips, be aware that they are not at all reliable, and the further you are in your keto journey the less reliable they are. As for weight gain, that can be due to any number of things. If you're a woman, the most likely reason is that it isclose to that time of the month. In general hormonal fluctuations can cause weight changes.

  • I go up and down sometimes an entire pound overnight.   Do adjust your settings so the Carb Manager knows your current weight, ensure your calories deficit is towards the -34% left side, and maybe your macros will rejig?  If you're all over that, then just stay the course it's just female hormones that send our weight up and down.  If your jeans fit you're fine.

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