Do veggie carbs transfer into soup/sauce without eating the veggie?

Wasn't sure if I phrased it right in the subject.

I made some ginger duck yesterday, was delicious, but only after did I consider the potential consequences of the ginger. I always thought/knew the carbs in ginger was negligible and wouldn't impact general carb count in general. But then I realized the recipe required about 350 grams of ginger. Only after eating it did I see that 350 grams if ginger is a 63 carbs!

I didn't EAT the ginger (mostly) though, it was just used for the stock/sauce. But I'm wondering if I still might have broke my ketosis considering all that ginger equaled 63 carbs. Will those ginger carbs transfer into the rest of the meal, even though I didn't actually eat the ginger slices? They were very soft and squishy by the end (if that makes a difference).

Thanks for any answer, good or bad.

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  • I doubt you ingested much carbs. Plus, you ate it with protein. That would greatly reduce any blood sugar impact. Either way, even in a worst-case scenario, breaking ketosis at one meal in an otherwise well-planned diet won’t matter. Your body can quickly get back into ketosis. 

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