Week 4 low carb

Was a rough week. Have had a head cold and ended with a two day migraine. But I lost 2.5 pounds and ready for new week!

starting to notice little changes. Mainly see it in my face. 

I have some “goal pants” that I bought in my size, but they were miss sized. I alway buy that size at that store but they were easily a size or two smaller. Think they were miss tagged.

Last week I couldn’t even get them on. This week, I got them on! Granted next step is breathing 🤣 but it helped a great deal to see that scales can move slowly but changes are happening. 

So onward and forward. And hopefully more well as well.

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  • SBS, TW here, I have 2 comments that might help you. 1) for your sweet tooth , try Sugar Free Gelatin Dessert, I do the chear one from Krog,Wally or Heb. about 40 cents per box, my fav is Peach, but it comes in 25 or 30 flavors. I've tried um all. Make sure it's sugar free.  2ndly If you are unable to get out and exercise, try taking a kitchen type chair, face the chair from the front, put one hand on the right side and one on the left AND DO DONKEY KICKS. Start slow, like 10 each side than move up to more, depending if you want to see results.

    I talked my ex-wife into doing 25 a day, and when she got up to 500, her ass fell off and she divorced me... LOL,true story. Good luck with your goal pants. Try the Jello (S F ) it works.

  • Should read: I do the cheap one, not CHEAR one, But Peach is my fav it tastes like PEACHES by KROG

  • Thanks. I try and get carbs mostly from healthy sources. Tonight taking my mom to her favorite hibachi place so I’ll probably go over my carb goal a little today. But I’ll make up by going under each day till I make it up. So lots of steak and fried rice and little veggies because I don’t care for them anyway. 

    For me one pound a week is good loss, so I am happy with this weeks progress.  It’ll taper off soon I am sure. 

    Just trying new things. Bought lots of veggies I do like to go with lunches this week. Wanna finish this first month strong!

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