Help!!! With this app!

I am having a difficult time trying to figure this thing out.  

Is there a way to choose recipes and put in my foods and from those recipes auto create a meal plan, with your specific macros, for the week?

Also how do you generate a shopping list?

I'm not tech ignorant but not tech saavy either. lol


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  • Also from the preplanned menu planner, Ex. Keto week 1,

  • I'm not sure I can help, but try going to Food/Recipes and Meal Plans and play with what's there.  I have not used the feature, but it sounds close to what you are looking for.

  • I have generated the meal plan, and tried to do a shopping list, but find this app EXTREMELY  clunky, at best.

    For one thing, the shopping list appears to be cumulative, rather than only for one meal plan, so, as I have created three different  meal plans, it lists 96 eggs, 84 cheese sticks, 48 chicken thighs, etc., for one week’s worth of meals. 😆

    It also lists ingredients exactly as shown in the recipe, so cheddar cheese appears in every different way that cheddar appears in each recipe, so, 12 tablespoons of shredded cheddar,  8 oz of cheddar, five slices of cheddar, etc.

    I also cannot find anywhere that I can access recipes marked as favorites...

    ...I am currently regretting paying for this app...

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  • ...and there does not seem to be a way to print a recipe on actual paper, or open it in any form other than this app...

    I purchased this primarily because of the feature that offered recipes and then generated a shopping list from them...turns out either of those is even remotely user-friendly...

  • I agree.  I paid so based on my macros an automated, weekly meal plan and shopping list would be generated.  Following to see response from CM...

  • I have found this app to be the best I’ve tried and I e paid for several.   Interesting although I haven’t actually tried doing the things some of u are not happy with.  I’m going to check that out and see just exactly what y’all are talking about ..

  • I need a step by step instruction guide like the others found on youtube.

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