Stomach cramps and gas


I'm having some stomach issues and made the mistake of using "Dr Google" gave myself all kinds of illnesses !!

Wondering if some of you have had experience similar experiences while being on the diet 

So the really short version is,.... 

I started with Keto back in August, had no problems, issues with anything. Saw a nutritionist between September and November and now i follow a high fat low carb diet.

About 3 weeks ago i started having a lot of trouble with my stomach, specifically pain on my which starts 99% of the time 30 mins to an hour after my first proper meal of the day. The pain is like a dull ache and feels like IBS, I get a lot of trapped gas and wind and could probably burp the national anthem.  It usually lasts about an hour, my stomach and side are never sore or tender to touch. When i happens i try drinking peppermint tea or peppermint tablets, putting heat on my side also helps

It seems like the higher fat content of the meal the worse or the more likely my stomach will start. Yesterday at work i had half a tin of tuna, half an avocado and some salad, 45 mins later i had pain. Day before, was a beef something with veg and a small about of rice  and not so high fat - had no problems.

The weird thing is, i only ever have stomach issues with my first proper meal of the day, lunch or in the evening!?!?

I'm wondering if my body is starting to complain about processing all the high fat content, or maybe i don't get enough fibre ? or i'm lacking some minerals/vitamins. I just don't know, i don't want to stop with keto because it works for me but i am now wondering if i am damaging myself somehow

Just wondering if you have any thought suggestions and maybe you've heard of similar problems/ side effects before?

Thanks, i'd be really grateful for any advice / tips!!!

Jo x

PS: sorry for the loooong post

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