What’s a Ketogenic Diet?

What Is It?

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  • Read the getting started section on this app that will give you a basic understanding 

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  • Google is your friend.

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  • Put simply it’s zero sugar, low carb, moderate protein and high carb.

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  • A Keto diet is designed to get your body producing ketones as fuel instead of using glucose. Glucose (blood sugar) is normally derived from carbohydrates. Any extra glucose in the blood stream can get stored as fat. So eating too many carbs will make you fat.

    Fatty acids get converted in the liver into ketones to be used as a fuel source when the blood sugar levels drop. So a keto diet helps you metabolize more fat by keeping your blood sugar levels lower.

    To do this you need to reduce your carb intake which in turn reduces the blood sugars and forces the body to use an alternate fuel source. (i.e. ketones derived from fat)

    The diet on a macro scale is low carb (50 grams per day or less), moderate protein (this can get converted into blood sugar too which interferes with ketone production so not too much either), and high fat.

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  • Hutch oops-your description should have said high fat-I believe:)

    I am new to this concept, but pretty sure that’s what you meant.   *I am finding your replies very helpful! Thanks!!

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  • TMorrison Hahahahaaaa... Absolutely correct! That was an obvious typo on my part. Keto is anything BUT High Carb! :) Thanks for spotting my error.

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  • Hutch oops... I should have said LOW Carb in my description of a Ketogenic diet.

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  • My wife wants to lose weight but doesn't want to exercise and feels the keto diet fad is the way to go. She wants to lose weight but not increase her activity levels. A local resident "Keto Guru" is going to charge $300/month for meal plans and advice or whatever. To me, it looks like a complete bunch of bullshit. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is with a daily caloric deficit, and exercise needs to be a part of that process, or else what's the point? Lose a bunch of weight and still be weak and unhealthy but now you just jacked your risk of cancers and cardiovascular disease

    This whole thing is very frustrating.

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