Help, so frustrating

So since the 27th december I have been on keto and alternate day fasting, but in the last 2 weeks i haven't had any loss, the 6lbs i lost is most likely water weight.

I still with my carbs limit under 13 grams, my protien is 40gs and fat is 60grams, how can I not be losing weight, the percentage ratios are always 75, 20, 5.

I do an at home desk job a haven't exercised as of yet, I'm so busy with paper work. I'm 140lbs 5.5ft.

Could I be eating to much fats then I need that the body is just burning those healthy fats and not the actual body fats?

The ketostix always say dark purple, 16mmol, although j always calculate it to be around 4mmol as I dont trust them.

I struggle to eat more than i do, my activity levels means my body doesn't need it I think



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  • I just started the keto on the 1st. My wife started as well. I have yet to weigh in. Doing it on the 2nd of Feb. I know my wife has lost 12 lbs but you can really tell she's lost weight. I know I've lost a lot by the way my belt fits on me now. But, we both workout religiously at least 5 times a week. She does about an hour and half. I do at least 2 and half. Mainly weights. Cardio about 20 minutes. My wife works at a desk as well. Goes in at 7 in the morning but she wakes up every morning at 3:30 to be at the gym at 4. I truly believe that JUST doing keto won't help. Your body needs to burn the extra carbs in your body and if you don't exercise, there's really nothing burning. A car that is on, will burn gas but a car on the road will always burn a lot more. Just my little opinion. There's always ways to workout at a desk while doing paperwork. Just gotta ask yourself, "how bad do I wanna lose the weight."

  • You are still in the very early stages, it can take a few months to get properly  fat adapted. Look up Dr. Boz for some additional information.

    The ketostix are measuring a different ketone and are simply measuring the concentration in your urine. I can get high readings from the ketostix and a moderate to high level from the blood ketone test. Those are the excess ketones that your body hasn't figured out how to use yet.

    There are three measurement options, urine, breath, blood.

    Each method measures a different ketone.

    Blood    - β-hydroxybutyrate (technically not a ketone from a chemists point of view)
    Breath - acetone
    Urine    - acetoacetate

  • Sorry for the delays in my reply.


    I have actually ordered the biggest loser game on the wii fit, so I am adding some additions.

    Thanks Andrew, I must say though I am getting scared of eating so much good fats when I may not be burning off enough during the day, I get scared I will put weight on, I know I shouldn't be, but I cant help it. Specially when I have one meal a day and fast for 24 hours the next, I'm confused how my body is holding on to anything and my only conclusion is that maybe there is to mich good fats that it isnt even getting to my body's actual fat stores...maybe I am reading to much into it.


    Yes, the ketostix are definitely unreliable, which is why i always read it down a few colours to around 3mmol, instead of the 16mmol it is telling me. I would love to get some blood ketone strips but they are so expensive.

    So, for the body to get fat adapted, do I have to eat alot of fats or can I lower the fats level with protien and still carbs at 5 percent or will that not work?


    Many thanks in advance 

  • Some of the protein can get metabolized into sugars just like carbs so try not to go over the protein numbers. Since you are still churning out ketones based on the ketostix I would guess that you are in ketosis most of the time.

    Try to have well defined breaks between eating, even snacking. Any time you eat, even fats, protein and low carbs foods your blood sugar will still go up, then insulin goes up to help process the glucose and temporarily ketone production slows or even stops until the insulin levels drop again.

    Make sure you drink LOTS of water, and I mean LOTS, up to 16 cups (128 oz), about 2 L. Some of it can be clear liquids like teas, black coffee, clear broths.

  • Andrew Meyer thank you, I'll up my water in take, and generally I don't have snacks, I just have the one meal a day then green teas, coffee and water through the rest. 

    If I don't meet my protien intake all the time but meet my fats, is that ok? Or even if the ratio to carbs, proteins and fats are even to 5, 20, 75 percentages...if I've not be very hungry I've been keeping the percentages like that, even if I haven't met my macro limits.

    It is alot to take in all of this, but I hope to get the hang of it.


    Thank you for taking the time to help me

  • Got some keto blood strips, 4.6 mmol  so I'm in keto

  • Very well into keto at that. I rarely hit that level, I definitely don't stay at that level for long.

  • Andrew Meyer still the same, lowest it went was 4 3...I also had a kit kat finger at that, first bit of chocolate since december 27th lol.

  • The body hangs onto water during and a few days after your menstrual cycle and then lets it go. 2 weeks of no scale changes are nothing to worry about and Dr Berry doesn't consider it a plateau until you've not lost for a month.

    The body sometimes pauses in scale movement as it adjusts itself to the changes taking place. In that time you may notice you feel and look thinner and your clothes may be getting looser.

  • I am right there with you.  Not seeing results 

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