Getting so discouraged

Started Keto I’m April, thought I was doing a bang up job, never lost any weight, only want to lose 15lbs, I’m 65, female 

Doing research, discovered many things 

found Carb Manager manager, started logging everything.  Horrible problem with my coffee in the morning, using Sweet and Low and a high carb sweetner.   So started using real cream, never realizing how many fat calories I was drinking everyday and that sweet and low is also 1 carb.  So switched to Stevia.  Just read the post about not adding sweetness as it does something to your insulin 

In June started logging everything, never going over my macros.  Down 1 lb. up 1 lb. ok have to admit for a month and 1/2 didn’t stop have my 1 wine a night.  Ok so wised up. Stopped that.  Now I’ll have a whiskey and Diet Coke counting my carb every now and then.  Discovered intermittent fasting, did that for 2 days, lost 2 more lbs, then would eat all my macros again and weight would come back

so after 2 months I’m only down 4 lbs bought a Keto Mojo and after my fasts I’m 1.1. Then next day I’m 0.5

i refuse to let this diet beat me!  Was a weight Watcher for 45 years, and with this keto thing I’m constantly starving 

I’ve become An excellent keto cook, tried lots of really good recipes, but what can be holding me back?  Went back to black coffee this morning, it was so ick.  But if that is where my problem was, then black it is!  I want to lose weight!

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  • Kathy, I’m the same, 65 and 15lbs.  Been doing keto three weeks now and have only lost three lbs.  I did, however, loose a an inch in my waist.  Are used to have at least a tablespoon or two of honey in my coffee in the mornings. Can’t do black, so I tried SoNourished Erythritol, I use 2 Tbs and so far I’m okay with it.  Can’t do stevia, omg! Ick!   I also cut everything out with artificial sweeteners.  I still have a martini, vodka, almost every night.  Nothing in it but an olive.  :)  my macrons are 20g carbs, 98g fat, 78g protein 1271 net calories.  Lately, I haven’t even come close to my carbs, but very close to fat, protein and calories.  I’m not a cook... I’ve tried a few recipes and they were good, but too much trouble getting everything together so I just don’t cook.  I am going to try a fathead pizza recipe...we’ll see how that goes.   I think the next thing you should try is cutting out all the artificial sweeteners, that might help.  Hope that helps?  

  • Y'all don't have much to lose, so that may be why you're having slow going. But alcohol also does slow down your weight loss, as your body has to stop burning fat to clear out the alcohol.

  • You're right....   that's what I read.  Maybe that's why I'm only moderate in the morning and large in the evening..... Ketosis I mean.... haha!  Your furr babies are cute!

  • vmadair1954 thanks!  Your baby has the sweetest face.

  • Moondrake 

  • I sent you a question, I don’t see it here....

  • vmadair1954 I did not see your question. However I did send you a private message, so look and see if you got it.  I sent you a friend request in case you'd like to join my news feed. learned two new things today, how to initiate a private message and how to send a friend request to someone on Forums.

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