Day 8! Creeping cravings

Hi All,

I've made it to Day 8!

I haven't cheated but I have eaten some higher carb meals that seem to have thrown my blood sugar off.

I started out with mainly eggs, meat, cheese, and was typically under net carbs for the day. Over the weekend I made keto-friendly scones and ate Halo ice cream but was still in ketosis.

For the first 6-7 days I didn't have any cravings for sweets (still don't for the most part) and I felt satiated.

Today I had "noatmeal" for breakfast and Beyond Meat bratwurst with salad for lunch. Around 3 I had a craving for something sweet and/or more food.

So I know I'm off the rails a bit. (Haven't tested ketones today.)

But I do know I have to get back to a stricter daily diet.

Can you share any tips about how to get back on track when this happens?

Onward with a positive attitude (and eggs for breakfast!)!! 💪

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  • When I tried this diet last year I fell off at day 7.  This time I have learned to cook and had a cheesecake ready for the fat content.  From what I have read you are probably in the "flu" stage?  Please be careful because I fell off the wagon for a year. Now I can not walk 20 feet without sounding like a lamaze class :(.  We can support each other and stay on track. Good Luck 

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