Woke up super nauseous. Normal?

Hi all.

On Keto since the 10th or 11th of October.   I thought it had been longer, but just checked the date I bought Keto sticks.   

Woke up nauseous his morning to the point where I am actively not allowing myself to throw up.  (I really, really hate throwing up 😩).   I don't think it  is the Keto Flu.  I had a couple of days of body aches, allergies, and overall malaise when I first entered Ketosis, around a couple of weeks ago.  Right now it is just the nausea.    

Has anyone experienced this?   I did eat two slices of a small Hass avocado and six strips of pre-cooked WalMart bacon.   I have not been a big pork eater for a couple of years, but I have had this bacon before on this diet, plus it is super thin so I can't imagine I ate enough to cause this reaction.

Feeling pretty miserable right now.  Thoughts?


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  • Following. I woke up nauseous yesterday morning and I genuinely thought I was gonna puke but thankfully didn’t!

    Hope you’re feeling better now though, OP 💕

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  • I finally took the advice of others on this forum and got a bottle of Gatorade Zero. I just drank it and honestly feel better. I think I'll go get a case of it 😄

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  • TheFaygoWaitress   Thank you.   I hope that you felt entirely well today, and that all is going fabulous for you.  😘  Sending good vibes your way!

    I'm a bit better.   Still queasy, and super tired, but love that I don't seem to be hungry.   Had to force myself to eat a few spinach leaves and half an avocado with olive oil and a bit of apple cider vinegar.   Felt full afterwards which is mind-boggling to me.  (I can vividly recall two months back when I'd constantly visit the fridge for ice cream or pretty much anything sweet). 

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  • Jaqi I went through a period of nausea the first month or so. I wrote it off to detoxing from carbs. This diet takes time for the body to adjust 

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