Increased blood pressure

After beginning this low carb higher fat and protein lifestyle that my blood pressure has increased and have no idea why.    Has this happened to anyone else.  Thanks

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  • Are you losing any weight? Do you take bp meds? Do you look at the amount of sodium in the foods you are eating? Most people if they lose weight have less bp issues. Good luck with this, I hope you find some answers, also what types of fat are you eating? Low carb is good but how low are you going? I heard it has to be less than 20 grams a day and with the fats you still need to count calories if you aren't exercising, feel free to say more about what you are doing.

  • I'm unsure which to measure,net carbs or total carbs,any thoughts?

  • gerardwilson05e286 

    Most people are fine with net carbs. If you are insulin resistant then total carbs  are better.  

  • gerardwilson05e286 Net. Fiber and sugar alcohol carbs are treated by the body differently and are passed through the system and aren't digested by the body. In Keto/LCHF our concern is carbs digested by the body, or in other words, net carbs.

  • The same thing is happening to me. I was told by my doctor that some people experience an increase even though I was losing weight,and suggested that I might not be drinking enough water. So before each meal I have to drink 12 oz of water as well as do keto with a minimal amount of sausages/pepperoni, and packaged foods. In the macros function you can set it so that your sodium intake is less than 1500. I believe you can view it by clicking Nutrition and the 1st drop arrow, then scroll to sodium to see your intake. Once this is under control your weight should really fall off.

  • Monitor yourself closely if you begin to reduce sodium. My bp dropped to an excellent range 111/76  to 107/76 but I had been fatigued and dizzy for a few days. Doc suggested adding back sodium saying my body in ketosis is excreting sodium and I am not retaining enough - hence dizziness.   So for the next few days I am adding mugs of chicken broth throughout the day to help regain my energy.  I will do whatever he tells me...I just passed the 10 pound down mark this morning after 14 days.

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