Carbs in garlic

Hi guys, when creating my recipes I realized that according to the app each garlic clove has 1g of carbs which is ridiculous... 100g of garlic has 1g of carbs...  Is it an error or I've got things wrong? Have  you noticed any similar errors? Ewa

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  • The USDA database has raw garlic at 33.06g of carbs for 100g of garlic. 1 clove (3g) has .99g of carbs. So, yes, 1g per clove.

  • Yes, and often!!!  I find it depends when someone has inputted the food in the first instance on the app, and put the details in per serve, or say 2 pieces, rather than 100g. When I input a new food, I always just add the details in for 100g for more accuracy.  Otherwise, when the next person comes along, how do they know what 'one serve' of that food is??? 

    Maybe I'm wrong, but several times at the start I'd input '1 serve' or say 1 cup, and because the initial data was inputted either incorrectly or with a vastly different serving size to what I thought it was, I was getting crazy numbers!  I also find some foods which are there, yet have no nutritional data for them. Therefore, if you click on them, your overall macros don't change and that food isn't counted!

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