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Just upgraded to premimum, one of the reason being so i can generate meal plan with shopping list. Picked all the meals, and no plan shopping list generated. Looked under technical help, useless, states to look under FAQ and you can find it “here” which also doesn’t work. Either you need to respond to questions in the forum and have your links work, or need to provide a users guide or orientation or some /any kind of support to subscribed users

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  • Hey Jd, sorry for the problem. Here's the link to the support center: . In the app, it can be found by going to Settings > Support Center. To generate the shopping list, please be sure to apply your meal plan to your log.

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  • Carb Manager You NEED A USERS GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not just some hidden link in the settings!  It Needs to be on every page in the upper right corner and needs to be relevant to the page the user is on!  That way they will get the information for what they are trying to do, without jumping back an forth to your hidden link in the settings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sent request Through the app to find out where I can log my weight every day. No response where is the technical support that is talked up so highly when they want to take your money to sign up for premium which I’m on. Can anyone tell me where you login for your weight?. I can see where I can add measurements for my arms Waze thighs hips but nothing for weight, what am I missing?.

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  • Dan on your daily log on the bottom left is a lightning bolt icon.  Tap that and it opens a mini menu.  the last icon on the menu looks kind of like a purse, but it's supposed to look like a scale. Tap that and you can enter your current weight. Under My Measurements on the Weight tab there's a graph that shows a timeline for your weight loss.

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  • Dan Click the 3 lines in the top left corner, click my measurements. The first one at the top will be weight click the + sign to add weight measurement. Under this entire box is where your graphs based on your entries show up. If you click the down arrow next to weight a long list of measurement that can be viewed/ entered comes up. 

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