Down 100.4 lbs! Beat my primary goal!

I'm pretty stoked! I've done other posts in the past "Down 45lbs..." you can find them and read them but I started this journey on April 5, 2019 at 400 lbs even and my goal was to be down 100 lbs by October 5, 2019 which was 6 months. This morning I did it!!! It has been quite the roller coaster ride the last few weeks and even put a bit of doubt in my mind.  I started a YouTube channel under the same name (link below) to document my journey and I've kind of let everything fall off the table.

I recently moved, and a couple days before the move my fridge died! It got repaired but not before I lost all my food and just after I filled it with fresh groceries. Due to moving costs, I just couldn't afford to replenish and things were too hectic anyway. Needless to say, I went off the diet...COMPLETELY! I ate absolutely normal crap for 11 days, pizza, burritos, deep fried battered food, ect. I was off work during that time for the move and I gained 7lbs!! Now my weight before this happened was 304, I went up to 311 and became a bit discouraged. So, back to work I went and back on the diet...Kind of.  I ate Keto during the day but most nights for a week after the move, I ate things that weren't obnoxiously bad but were a bit high on the carb level.  To my surprise, after 4 days, I dropped that 7lbs plus one bringing me down to 303.  Turns out all the weight I gained was water retention and it slid off me quicker than a cat getting away from a cucumber!

Fast forward one week later and I reached my 100lbs goal with time to spare, but no time to rest. My secondary goal is to be down another 50 lbs by April 5, 2020.  Why only 50? I expect the weight loss to slow.  I hope it doesn't but I want to keep my goals realistic.  Ultimately, I would like to reach 200lbs, still overweight by medical standards but once I reach that, I can decide whether I want to keep going and become a stick figure or just be happy at that weight.

It has been at least 7 years since I've been in the 200's and it feels amazing! Set backs happen, disappointments occurs and doubt looms, but perseverance conquers all!  Never give up on your goals and dreams, although my dream of becoming a plus-sized hand model seems to be fading fast but que sera. Better dreams, like helping others with their weight loss continue. 

If anyone has any interest, my YouTube channel link is...

Thank You to everyone for all your support and kind words in my other posts, it makes all the difference! And thanks to those who've subscribed to my channel, I've been MIA for a few weeks but I'm filming new content this weekend.

Best Wishes,

Ketogenic Karl

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  • Fantastic, huge congrats 👍

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  • Kimbizee Thank you!🥰

  • Congratulations!  That's incredible and inspiring.  Good, good, good for you!

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  • Jppm Thank you!

  • Absolutely AWESOME !!!!!!!  I too have been going through a similar situation (only not the  broken fridge) but, eating the wrong  foods!!!   I commend you on your determination to get back on track; I can tell you that's not easy.  Your post has sparked a newfound determination in me today and I thank you. Keep up the good work; I'm sure you will succeed at whatever you choose to do !!  Blessings, A Keto Friend.

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  • GoingGray2Day Thanks for the encouragement! To be honest with you, I really enjoy the food on keto. Occasionally, I miss fries and things like that, but it's not worth it in the long run. I've found there's very little I can't find a viable keto substitute for.

  • Congratulations!  I think you are doing amazing!  I finally hit my first major milestone and blew it out of the water!  41 Pounds down!!  I know how you are feeling right now.  Amazing goals and meeting them is even better than amazing!

  • Staceyspace Thank you for the kind words. And congratulations on your success! Keto has changed my life.

  • Congrats!  What an inspiring story.  I am new to all of this and I want to say thank you for the encouragement.  You have made it this far, you can cross that finish line!  Stay motivated!

  • Delores Thanks! I've hit a bit of a setback lately but hopefully next week, I'll be back on track! Not really sure how much damage I've done over the last couple weeks but I'll weigh in this weekend and give updates on my youtube channel.

  • Wow, that is great Karl!  I really admire you for getting back on track so quickly.  It’s easy to let stress and circumstances keep you down.  That is awesome that you kicked in back in gear and knocked that goal out of the park!  Thanks for the inspiration.

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