Been at this Keto diet 4 days now :) lost a few lbs and have a question about the daily limits.  Do they change as your weight changes? Like now it says I need 108 g of fat. Will this go down eventually? And does the app automatically do that for you as you progress?

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  • Sorry.  I have no idea.  Didn’t even think of that until you asked and now you have me thinking too!  I think with weight loss doing keto, or low carb, it is different from other types of weight loss programs because counting things like fat, calories etc doesn’t matter as much.  You just need your carbs low enough for weight loss and the amount will vary from person to person.  So I’m not sure that the app could calculate that for you 🤔.  Some people eat quite high carb amounts in comparison to others and still lose lots of weight very fast, while others need lower carbs to lose the weight.  And while some find eating too much protein may stalk their loss, some others find the protein doesn’t matter so much.  Somebody else with more knowledge may come and give a better response.

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