Beef and Butter Fast

Yesterday was Day 1. I browned a 32oz package of 80/20 beef, enough for two days. However when I went to put four cups (16 oz each) into two containers, one for each day, I didn’t have enough. So should I not worry about getting the 4 cups in each day as long as it’s eaten? 

Should I drain the grease? I wasn’t sure so I didn’t. That was gross and I couldn’t get the last spoonful down. Gave the rest of the grease to the dog and had a Macadamia nut.

I seasoned the beef while cooking with Garlic salt and pepper. Then each serving I added different seasonings on top of the butter before microwaving. That helped and changed the flavor each time.

The calories are super high! 552 per serving.  I’m also taking supplements of Juice Plus capsules and Vitamin D.

Any comments or suggestions on doing this Beef Butter Fast?   Thanks!

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  • I also added about 1/3 C of homemade chicken/bone broth to the hamburger and butter on my second serving. That was so much better tasting. 

    Is there a reason this fast is done with hamburger and not bacon or chicken?

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  • search I've done. It must be grain fed or corn fed beef and butter used to get the proper chemical balance in your body. So I guess its why chicken or fish wouldn't work. 

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  • I'm not sure, I drain mine and seems to work well ( I do it for 3-5 days once a month).  Have you tried sarracha? Mmm, good flavor change. I also use onion powder and garlic powder but be careful how much you use because, yes these have carbs! You didn't have enough because you weighed raw and measured cooked...its 16 oz of cooked beef per day. It is high in calories but it does work.

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