Something is just not adding up!

Something just doesn’t add up with the Macro numbers here! My macros are set at 5/25/70 (21g carbs, 104g protein, 129g fat) with 1656 total calories to lose 2 lbs a week. I have been trying to do this for 2 weeks now and there is no way to keep that ratio and eat that amount in calories!

EXAMPLE: By the time I would max out on carbs I have only eaten 1 1/2 cups of watermelon!

Most days I eat less than 600 calories to stay in line with the 5/25/70 limits but I have not lost anything. I bounce up and down between 357 and 354. I feel like crap, I am always hungry, I crave chocolate and I HATE chocolate! I am battling constipation from hell. I am tired all the time but cant sleep, and I have a constant headache. I know part of my problem is not being able to walk very far due to a medical condition that has me bed bound but I do some exrecuse in bed, lifting hand weights and doing leg lifts.

I just don’t see how anyone can eat 1656 calories a day and not go way over 21 carbs? It just doesn’t add up! 

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  • Good Morning All~

    Let me start here by first saying THANK YOU to all who have responded with their opinions, suggestions and valuable information. I have read everything said and taken notes too! This is like being back in high school and dreading those  midterm exams! 

    Now just a few real quick points of clarification. (Social media is really not conducive to clear speech sometimes)....

    1. I am not using the “premium “ version of this app so I am finding I sometimes have an issue logging a food that is not found in the “search”.  I say this because I had that issue with the chicken I listed in my log recently.  Some assumed because it said fried chicken that I was eating the coating and or skin. Neither is true. Trust me when I tell you, I do not eat any bread, flour, wheat, gluten, rice etc in any form. The chicken in my log is actually, oven fried in rendered bacon fat, skinless with garlic, onion, paprika and  black pepper.  

    Iam still learning all the ins and out of how the free version of this app works. 🤔😁

    2. The issue with constipation is difficult. The medication I take prohibits my taking any kind of prescription or OTC laxative. I combat this using natural things such as orange flavored prunes (the plain ones don’t work as quickly for some reason) sourkraute, black coffee and mineral oil. I didn’t have an issue until I cut fruit out of my diet. I understand why I can’t eat fruit, but I question the intelligence of doing so as our bodies need a certain amount of fruit to be healthy. Again as someone who can not take a lot of the typical OTC supplements because of med interactions and what I am learning is a very particular body tolerance, multi vitamins are off the table. 

    3. In keeping with number 2, my Dr suggested I take the following, Tumeric, CoQ10, B12 and Iron. Of those we have learned that the only one I don’t have a negative reaction to is the CoQ10. I have experienced everything from   swelling and headaches to actual hives. I have had the same kinds of issues with many of the  prescription meds as well.  The Dr doesn’t call it an “allergic” reaction per say but more like a multi system reaction. I know it’s hard to understand, (even I can’t wrap my head around most of it) but I can tell you, living through it was been challenging and more frustrating than anything else I have ever faced.

    And finally...

    4. To those who are sitting there thinking to themselves...”BS, she is just one excuse after another, or, man is this one an attention hoe...” (and yes I know some of you are, I would be too) it’s ok. The only thing I wil say to that is, I DO NOT LIE, even to myself. I try to be an open book in all aspects of my life. In this one I am driven by desperation because I have ZERO support at home so I know I am in it alone. I am driven by fear that every breath I take will be my last and I will end up dying alone because of all this weight. I am driven by my own inability to just let things go. I’m a perfectionist so I am driven to follow all the rules exactly (an impossible task usually) so if it says I can’t eat something my brain catalogs that and I have a physical reaction if I then have to. This is particularly bad now because I find myself having to “talk myself into eating” stomach can be growling loud enough to be heard across the room but because I was told I can’t eat fruit, even if it’s the only thing available...I can not force myself to do it now...and I LOVE fruit!

    Yes, I am learning that I am an odd duck for sure, and I’m positive that a lot of these behaviors have been with me all my life. I just never saw them in myself before this. Right now it feels overwhelming to my brain but I also know I will sort it out and find a way to restructure my thinking. So when I see people saying they are hoping this will be a lifestyle change for them, the only thought I have is, how can it not be? From day one for me it’s not been a diet, it’s been my life. 

    Thanks again, and please keep the thoughts, opinions (positive or negative) coming.  I need to keep the learning going because I can’t ever just give up. 


  • Ok Lets tackle this one issue at a time : 1. Maxing out Carbs - Keto is very different from the standard way of eating. To start focus on increase your fats and eating very little carbs (so no fruits, starches, beans, starchy or sugary veggies). Your carbs should come from leafy greens, like spinach, to start (this will also help with your constipation).
    2. Getting your fats -  up without increasing your proteins. On Keto your new best friends will be butter, Coconut oil, MCT oil and Avocado oil. Usually I only have a Bulletproof (BP)coffee (1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil, 1 tbsp Heavy whipping cream and 8-10 oz of coffee blended - i use a bullet). If coffee isn't you thing you can BP your tea, cocoa, smoothies, etc. I usually do have he need to eat again for 4-6 hours.
    3. Eating Less Calories - As  I said before Keto is not like other diets which focus on calories. It is likely that the reason you are not losing weigh or fluctuating is because your body is in starvation mode where it is storage all it can to survive.  Keto is about eating the correct thing and not about watching the calories.  Truly the more you eat the more you lose (with in moderation). If you start eating the right this correctly you will not be hungry, some days I go 18 hours before a feel the need to have a snack.
    4. Carvings - If you want something I say eat it. There are a ton of recipes out there to satisfy every craving you have in a Keto friendly way. However I have found that dill pickle are the best snack to combat and craving I have. Feel like chocolate, don't have it on hand, have a couple pickles, then I magically satisfied.
    5. Constipation - Make sure you are drinking enough water quick rule of thumb for Keto is your body weight divide by 2 is the number of oz you should be drink each day. So if your are 200 lbs means you should be drinking 100 oz of water per day.  Each person is different and you may need more or less but its a good estimate. Because you are drinking so much you need to make sure your replenishing your Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium). Some people drink pickle juice, Keto friend electrolyte drinks and supplements to help (note not all supplements are created equal, so I suggest you do some research on the best ones for you.)
    6. Headache  - This is usually caused by dehydration, so drink more water and it should go way. I had the sleep issue too but I used aromatherapy and it seemed to work (but it could have also been my body just adapted to the Keto by then).  

    Hope this helps you. Don't worry about the calories a just embrace the  fats :)

  • I rarely pay for premium versions of apps, but I did for this and I think it was worthwhile. 

    I don't recall having difficulty with finding foods in the search with the free version compared to in the paid version, but I do frequently need to ask it to do the extended search to find exactly what I need for my entries, sometimes I need to re-phrase the food description I search to come up with just the right results.  

    Getting as close to what I eat as possible helps me keep better track of my macros.  I'm glad to hear you've been avoiding the unnecessary carbs in the flour/wheat/etc. family--that should help.

    If the CoQ10 isn't cutting it, Google has a lot of links for help with keto & constipation (though I find glycerin suppositories to be the most "direct" route for the immediate issue):

    Make a list of treatments you haven't talked to the dr about yet, call the dr and see what you are allowed to try.

    Hendersonlc has a good point about headaches and hydration. Low blood sugar used to trigger migraines for me too--so not eating enough might be a contributing factor.  As soon as I made sure I was well hydrated and eating enough protein (and avoiding sugar which spiked my blood sugar rather than repaired it), my headache frequency and severity diminished. 

    As soon as a headache starts to come on--I eat  something non-sugary & drink some water, even if I feel nauseated--because that is what keeps my headaches at bay.

  • fastblnd8228 Can you take psyllium husk pills? All natural. They shouldn’t interfere unless you maybe have crohns or something ? I’m not positive on that though but I know it’s a nutural product. I took 2 in early afternoon to get my gut to digest them with large amount of water. I put one of these in a glass of water, to see what it did. It’s definatly a “plunger” of fiber. you can also buy powder but I’m not a fan of any powders, texture issue. It really could be your insulin resistant. A good thing to do is get a fasting blood sugar or a blood glucose monitor which are kind of pricy. The doc could do an A1c check also. If it’s quite high then yes the theory of insulin resistant could be very possible and it could simply just take more time for you. Patients is key and to NEVER give up on Keto. I think by June July you will see some positive results. One thing to keep in mind, how are you feeling on Keto compared to prior? Also, you should never be hungry- I can’t remember if I adressed that in my posts. The main focus is carb restriction. 

  • fastblnd8228  About your #1, I didn't notice a lack of things in that part without premium.    I have premium now and added premium for other reasons, but I think you should be able to find the right things.

    That would probably explain why things aren't adding up for you.   

  • After reading your last post my heart was breaking. I thought " this is someone who needs keto more than anyone." I cannot begin to tell you how much this way of eating has changed my life. It helps with inflammation in the body ( allergic reactions is the easiest to understand). 

    You don't need the premium to work this app. You don't get some great benefits like logging everything you eat ( because I always went over what was allowed on free format) and receipes and meal prep so if you are serious you might want to think about getting it.

    Not being able to find fried chicken without the coating and oven baked...well it's not really fried chicken then is it? Try just putting in chicken or chick thigh or breast. It gives you many options. Then just list the oil It was cooked in seperately.

    On to the #2 issue try mct oil. If you can take mineral oil you should be able to take Mct. Its multi chain triglycerides from coconut oil ( without the taste). 1 Tb in a cup of coffee or tea works wonders for most people. 

    As far as you can live very healthy without fruit. But you are allowed a limited amount of berries on keto so you can have some fruit! 

    I have treated this journey on keto as going back to school. I spend hours each day reading, watching videos and listening to podcasts...then I research the people posting to make sure what they say is legit. My daughter said at one point she thought I was becoming obsessed with all things keto but not only do I have a desire to understand how it works it also keeps me motivated. 

    I think that's enough for 1 post. I think this way of eating would help you tremendously and I believe you can do it. 

    All the hours stuck laying around ( that I can understand as I've been in a wheelchair for 25 years) use them to do some research and make an eating plan. Dwell on what you can eat not what you can't ( and after a couple successful weeks you can eat chocolate or keto bread and pizza and all the things you might miss).

    Understand that the first few days are the hardest, day 3 was pure torture for me) it does get easier...quickly. One day you are starving and going crazy with cravings and suddenly you wake up the next morning. Saying " I'm really not hungry, maybe just coffee this morning". It really does work just like that. 

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