Too much fat?

My app has recommended 44 for my fat intake. My bulletproof coffee this morning took 24 of that and then I had a BabyBel cheese which leaves me with 10 for the remainder of the day. I've consumed zero carbs. Is it tragic to go over the recommended fat? Should I do a half recipe of the bulletproof coffee? 

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  • haidymakram Remember- your in the third week. Don't rush it. For me personally to see results in my clothing took close to the 3.5 month mark. Your body has to reset itself.  Woman take longer. I was super discouraged there for many many weeks and asked my friend who dropped to a size 4 how long it took her. " a long time" she said. Have a pair of tight pants ready you can hardly pull up that you some day want to wear successfully. Let that be your guide every two- three weeks, not the scale for awhile. Try hamb seasoned with real butter a few meals. I just dropped overnight (2) nights because I read that tip somewhere. Keep going, and don't give up or cave. By Christmas time you may be amazed. This also all depends on how much you need to take off and your total BMI.  Get lots of sleep if possible and drink lots of water and salt your food if possible. Make sure your taking potassium suplliments and a multi vit and vit c. 

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  • badmojomn I love your tips and encouragements. I always have to check the forum when I see your name on the notification. Thanks!

    Sticking to your goal is a Super Power!

  • haidymakram  I thought the same thing was happening to me. I was doing it pretty strictly and not losing and then all of a sudden I dropped 5 pounds overnight on the day after I had had a small slice of pizza! So stick with the plan because something will happen. Even though I hadn't lost weight, more than like a pound, suddenly my size 12 jeans fit and a month ago I couldn't of us and them. Stay the course!

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  • Just browsing old posts for inspiration wow gets me enthused all over again 😀

  • wamdesigns Passionately keto I am 

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  • badmojomn yes you are! Love how you motivate everyone!!!

  • So good re-reading such a wealth of information in old posts wish more members would do it too 🌸

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